Tuesday, November 1, 2011

State House District 3 Race - Barbara Norton

I was going to do this in one blog post, but it would be too much. I’ll take a look at Barbara Norton tonight and then Lynn Cawthorne tomorrow.
District 3 runs from Midway Street south to part of Cedar Grove down to the Innerloop and west across 70th Street and Hollywood to the Airport. You can find that district map here.
We’re all familiar with Barbara Norton, who has represented this district for the last 3½ years. The infamous Norton, of course, is renowned for her cursing of Shreveport Police officers on the streets of downtown during her African-American History Parade last year. To refresh your memory, here’s what happened, and it was verified by video and by eyewitness accounts.
The City of Shreveport has a law that says that drivers of parade floats must be cleared by the police department to drive in a parade. Norton did not turn in the required paperwork ahead of time so the police were checking all of the drivers as best they could.
Norton went ballistic. How dare they question her, a former ‘community activist’ turned state legislator?
Calling one officer a white motherfucker and the other, a black officer, an Uncle Tom, Norton had to be calmed down by then Chief Henry Whitehorn.
She should have been arrested, not calmed down.
In fairness, I searched for a campaign website and could not find one to link to.
Barbara Norton is a blight on the community and a disgrace to the district she serves, indeed to the Louisiana State House of Representatives.
As for issues, she is against corporal punishment in school and she didn’t like Henry Burns’ bill (which passed) to allow guns in churches with approval and under certain circumstances.
Other than that, it is hard to find anything substantive at all about Norton.
I did get the video below, in which she refused to answer questions and referred them to her ‘assistant’.
Video thanks to Shmuffinman on You Tube.
Tomorrow we’ll take a look at her opponent, local businessman Lynn Cawthorne. There is a lot to recommend him other than just not being Barbara Norton.


  1. Amen.

    But hey, at least we got Hurricane Chris to perform on the floor of the Legislature.

    Now who else could pull that off, hmmmm?


  2. Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow Pat, I'm very impressed with her opponent.

  3. Mista Jim, Da reeson I dinit reeds da bill cause it be hard. And two yous a low down wite mofo fo showin dis films of me. Da only thang dat film prooves is I's no unca Tom's.

  4. It is disgraeful that she is permitted to serve in the legislature. Maybe some standard like an IQ above 70 should be in place before being able to run for office or vote.

  5. Why does the gas station on Bert Kouns near Inner Loop have numerous Barbara Norton signs up? It is not anywhere close to her district.

  6. Like I said befo. II ain't worried by you mofo's. I ain't scared of nothing but certified mail, dogs, and gostes.

  7. Babs is a good reason not to live in S'port, especially in "her" area. Think of the embarassment her fellow legislators felt during the "rap"session she brought to the floor, having nothing to do with the promotion of good politics and everything to do with promoting thug culture and music. If it had been a white man using the same language as she did, describing white officers as "MF's" and black officers as "toms", Whitehorn would not have tried to calm anyone down, but probably made the arrest himself. I'm glad the media was there and the episode was recorded for all to see and hear, displaying the true color of her personality. My guess she will be re-elected, because that's what "they" want.


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