Friday, November 25, 2011

LSU 12-0, but I've changed my mind about one thing

What a game.  LSU just won't be beaten this year.
Second to LSU, I have always liked the Razorbacks, and I have really liked Bobby Petrino as their coach.
After this incident today, I have changed my mind.  As I so eloquently noted in the comments on Andy's blog, he is a poor loser and an asshole to boot (pardon the pun).
He was upset because LSU kicked a field goal when they were already up 39-17.  The reason Les wanted it, of course, was that Alabama beat Arkansas by 24 points, and by going 41-17 so did LSU.
This was Petrino's reaction.


  1. This is the Petrino who ran up 70 points against Cincinatti when he was at Louisville? The same one who ran up 30+ points against Tennessee this year?

  2. Who cares? The game is over. LSU won. Next?

  3. That was pretty low class by Petrino. I noticed the icy handshake, but figured the guy had had a tough week, and was willing to give him grace on it.

    I really don't know much about the guy, but now I know more.

    After thinking about it a while, I tried to put Lester in Bobby's shoes. He's lost some disappointing games, too. But, I don't ever remember him being anything less than a gentleman. (Ya' gotta love his 'not many' comment to the press).

    Truth is, LSU could have scored another TD, or field goal at the end, but went with a kneel down instead.

    Great season for The Tigers. Coming in to it, I was really expecting another 9-3 (maybe 10-2). Miles really has built a powerhouse. Good on him! Good on 'em all!!!

  4. Petrino is just mad that he got beat by Louisiana boys. LSU LSU LSU.

  5. Well Les got criticized for kneeling with five minutes left in the game at Ole Miss and then he gets it for kicking a field goal with the same amount of time remaining. So I don't know what that clown thinks he is supposed to do. But Petrino did have options. He could have coached his offense into scoring more points or coached his defense into stopping LSU. He did neither. Apparently he is not much of a big time coach and got put in his place by one of the best.

  6. If it was so clear that LSU had the game won, why was Arkansas trying to score?


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