Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bossier Parish in the news on two fronts

First, Jane Smith, who was recently appointed Undersecretary of the Department of Revenue, has been appointed Interim Secretary. This came on the heels of the sudden departure of Secretary Cynthia Bridges, who has served under three governors.
Although no statement was given as to the reason Bridges resigned, it is widely believed that it was because of  an emergency ruling regarding tax rebates for up to $3,000 on the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles. The administration panicked when they realized that this move could cost up to $100,000,000 in lost revenue.
Smith, who says “So I’m just doing everything I can to assist the governor promote his agenda and that’s why I’m here (at an education meeting) today—to help the governor with his agenda.”, was conveniently waiting in the wings.
Ironically, Smith was the one who pushed through the legislation authorizing the tax rebates.
Louisiana Voice has an article here.
The Times has a story about Bossier ranking among the fastest growing Counties/Parishes in the country. There are more than 12,000 counties/parishes in the U.S., and Bossier is ranked at #91.
Up for discussion – Is it Jimmy Hall’s fault that we are at #91 instead of #1?


  1. The PARISH is growing. What about the city? It's seems to me most of the new development is outside of Bossier City. Neighborhoods in Bossier City are getting older and crime is increasing in these neighborhoods. Jimmy Hall, Lo Walker and the city council are all responsible for the outrageous spending on pet projects that caused the deficit which resulted in the reduction of police, fire, and other city employees. The money pit called Cyber Innovation Center is a perfect example. Lo Walker and Jimmy Hall are on the CIC board.

  2. Bet u a thousand dollars u r wrong about the cic - do a foi request to find out - dare u

  3. How did This go from Jane Smith painting herself into a corner to it is Jimmy Halls fault Bossier is number 91? I'm Not real sure Jane Did much for Bossier that didn't benefit Her before she fell into her latest position! She was always good at jumping in front of a camera. Maybe next time she will be more careful what she gets passed in Baton Rouge!

  4. I think one of the biggest downfalls or pitfalls of Bossier City government is keeping the casino revenue in the capital projects budget instead of allocating it or a portion of it to the general fund. The casino money brings in $25Million per year, yet it seems the city has trouble paying for necessities without incurring a lifetime of debt, like a $100Million water treatment system.


    Show me the stats. All police agencies say crime is decreasing. Geeze.

    Congratulations Jane Smith. Hope you do a good job.

  6. It so strange how people can quote numbers like anon 10:50 about the boats bringing in 25 million per year. At their best years all together the boats hit about $18 million. So you want to use the so called $25 million for raises and to hire people and now the boat revenue is at $14 million. I bet you cant even pay your own bills with mentality like that. As far as the Water plant and the Sewat Plant, the city was almost out of water in the summer months so if YOU couldn't shower or flush your toilet in the morning it's the city's fault but if the the city spends money on keeping these plants upgraded so YOU can flush and shower in the morning it's the city's fault. Get a copy of the budget and try to understand it before you spout off incorrect numbers.

  7. 6:09,
    I think what 10:50 is saying is moving just SOME of the money to the general fund. Second, you say 14 million in revenue. That's 3 boats bringing in that. How is projected then that one additional boat will bring in another 12 million? I assume your a city official. Why can't some of the money be moved to the general fund? As far as the water treatment plant, I've seen the upgrades. I feel upgrades were needed but i do think it was a little excessive.

  8. It is called " pay your own way". You must be a pro- welfare person.

  9. Questions must have got too tough for you. Sorry about that.

  10. Just glad Jane Smith stuck in Baton Rouge and out of our business in bossier. Can we find Adley a permanent job down there too? Those two have done nothing for Bossier in decades of lackluster "service"!!!

  11. 6:09,

    Last summer the city was almost out of water because of that 20inch main that kept breaking. That problem is supposedly fixed. The utilities department and all divisions worked around the clock so the customers could flush.

    The other contributing problems were lack of experienced worker and just not enough workers in those departments.

    Layoffs and overwork of existing workers caused a lot of resignations.



    Then you can get the poo smell out the bathroom.

    Tehe, summer is just starting, gonna be more poo smells. Guaranteed.

  12. Funny how Jane Smith turns into poo smell talk.

  13. I don't blame Mr. Hall, I blame the Mayor. He is
    the person that sat on his hands after the Norris Murders, locking up the wrong person for
    a tripple murder, and the only way the person
    that did the crime got caught was he , made a mistake or he might
    still be out there killing local business
    owners or residents of this city. I think Det
    Griffin has been has been promoted since then.
    That's a great way to set an example, promote
    an officer that arrested someone for a tripple
    murder that was (pressured to make an arrest)
    and the lead Detective BJ Sanford has probably
    been promoted also.

  14. Det. Griffin was promoted due to civil law. Det. Sanford voluntarily left the detective division and is now back on patrol. He has not been promoted. Griffin was the lead detective on the case. Know your facts please.

  15. Ktbs is the one that said Sanford was the lead
    Detective, I know how to read. It's a sad
    day in America when civil law has to promote
    someone that has made the biggest mistake in
    BCPD history. That's corruption thru civil law
    at its finest. And I'm glad Sanford is not a Detective
    anymore. The public needs to look at a decide
    weather we should write a congressman and get
    this injudice changed.

  16. Sounds like someone has a personal grudge. What did they arrest you for?

  17. Weather? I think you mean whether. I vote you don't do the writing. det. sanford is a great police officer and was a great detective. Don't base his career on one case. A case in which he only assisted. I know the officers in patrol are glad he is back on the streets as well.
    That so-called biggest mistake in BCPD history led to Copperhead being put in the federal penitentiary for 10 years.
    Your right, a mistake was made but Det. Griffen's investigation was reviewed by several supervisors and administrators. They supported the investigation until it went bad. In typical Bossier fashion the lowest guy on the totem pole had to be the fall guy.

  18. What does this have to do with Jane Smith? The self proclaimed conservative who broke the bank when she was General Jane School Superintendent.

  19. How does a PE teacher get to be Director of Revenue? What are her qualifications? Seems like a financial person like a banker or CPA should have this post. Politics at its worse.

  20. 9:26,
    I think you know the answer to your questions. Voters in Bossier finally realized that Jane Smith only cares about Jane Smith. Now we have to realize our city and parish governments are full of people like Jane Smith and vote them out as well.

  21. I don't care what you vote. I bet you where
    thick glasses, and talk in a deep voice on the
    phone. From the outside looking in Detectives
    want to serve and protect, and they forget
    about justice for all. Let's face it, if Clark
    would not have gotten rid of the gun, we would
    still have a killer on the loose. Thanks for
    the info, but keep the smart remarks for your
    wife and kids.

  22. In the last statment I meant to say if Clark
    would have tossed the gun.

  23. It was the bullet casings that matched. The gun was not recovered. What I don't understand is why you are attacking hard working police officers that simply made a mistake. This article is about dirty politics. Jane Smith has a record of doing unethical things then throwing people under the bus when called on it. 3132 is a perfect example. When that hit the news and when she was asked about her involvement she threw Tim Larkin way under the bus.
    You could comment on these things but you instead choose to attack two police detectives with impeccable service records that simply made one mistake.

  24. I'll agree with 6:28. I believe the detectives were acting in good faith, and they did have a lot of pressure for an arrest. Two lessons there,
    1. Take your time and be absolutely certain.
    2. Politicians - let the police do their job.

  25. Sounds to me like the point the man was making
    was that the Mayor did not take any action, when
    in fact action was taken, just not publisied.
    I know Sanford due to an assult case where I was
    assualted at the Funnybone. His work in that case
    was anything but impeccable. The person that
    assualted me fled the state when the BCPD came to
    talk to him, he added witnesses that he some how
    did not list in the police report, chased after
    a witnesses four days when I told him I made a
    mistake, and told me I could not use my wife as
    a witness in a simple battery. And he said I was
    not telling the truth, but would not give me a
    polygraph. The person that assualted came back to
    work at the funnybone three months later. I called
    and spoke with Sgt. Worley and told him the person
    that assualted me was back to work, but ten months was not enough time to question
    him. Oh and Sanford also give me the wrong name
    of the person that assualted me. If that's inpeccable clear me out a desk.
    Jim you left off one thing.
    Always talk to detectives on a cell phone, so if
    they are dishonest you can go to speaker and have
    a witness, to back you up.

  26. You don't have to know crap about your job. You just have to have "ethics" according to Jindal. I'm not sure what that is, but it's something your opponents and predecessor is lacking.

  27. Anon @6:28. The weapon was recovered and will be used if the DA actually decides to let a case go to trial.

  28. So Damned ConfusedJune 22, 2012 at 8:54 AM

    I'm so confused. Let me get this straight. The Secretary of Revenue resigned and Jinal appointed Jane Smith. Lo Walker got upset because he wanted Copperhead in that position, but Clark said no and got a gun which Sanford and Griffith found and lied about it to Worley because someone got assaulted at the Funny Bone. So, Copperhead didn't get the job because of Clark, because Griffth and Sanford screwed the pooch even with the police administrators watching, and Jane Smith got the job after all over Lo Walker's objections.
    Hell Folks! Stay on topic!!!!!!!

  29. I knew better than to broach two subjects in one blog post, my bad.

  30. 8:54,
    Sorry about that. You gotta keep up though. Got a lot going in Bossier. Lol

  31. Have you ever seen this bunch stay on any topic?

  32. 8:54 am Have you ever been tested for ADHD, if
    not you might want to think about it. I have read
    the same thing you did but found a different
    meaning. Good Luck my friend.

  33. 8:54 that was classic dude or dudette....

    Jim don't worry about it dude ... I hate "the connection" boys as well but that wasn't the topic, people get things on their minds and only keep that one thing on it.

  34. Sounds like Sanford tried to step on the wrong


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