Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Judge Stinson recuses himself from School Board lawsuit

Judge Ford E. Stinson, Jr. has recused himself from the lawsuit that John Settle filed against the Bossier Parish School Board. Judge Stinson notifed Settle that his son is a teacher at Elm Grove, and as such is an employee of the board. He also said that he could be impartial in hearing the case.
Settle disagreed, and filed for recusal. Judge Stinson signed an order recusing himself and assigning the case to Section C and Judge Jeff Cox. Stinson said that due to the urgent nature of the case, a hearing would only drag it out.
The Secretary of State and the Comissioner of Elections, who were named as co-defendants in the case, were both served. The Board, the Secretary of State and the Elections Commissioner all have 15 days to file an answer.
I'll keep you informed as more develops.


  1. Gonna be interesting to see what cox does with this. He has other offices in mind I hear.

  2. As a police officer I've had dealing with Judge Stinson when he was with the Public Defenders Office. Although we were on opposite sides he was fair and respectful. This move does not surprise me, because I believe him to be an honest man.

  3. Don't understand Settle's reasoning on this. Judge Stinson is as good as they come.

  4. 958 & 1128 you answered your own question.

  5. Judge Bleich should be hearing this case. Only judge which is not bossier parish resident. Being that he is not a resident of Bossier Parish, it's highly likely he is the only judge available in the 26th JDC that did not vote on the bond issue.

  6. 9:54 That's way too logical

  7. 11:28. You obviously don't know Settle very well.

  8. Judge Stinson is always about following the law. I don't understand why anyone with a case that has merit would ever recuse this guy. No politics and willing to make an unpopular call if he is right.


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