Monday, June 11, 2012

City Elections next Spring

Looking ahead at the Bossier City elections, there appear to be some races on the horizon.
The last elections saw Scott Irwin, Jeff Darby, Don Williams and David Jones run unopposed. Marsha McAlister ran in an attempt to capture one of two at-large seats, held by Tim Larkin and David Montgomery, Larkin and Montgomery were re-elected.
In District 5, Dr. Rogers had retired, and the seat was contested by Chubby Knight and Larry Hanisee. Knight won, but resigned before the term expired. Larry Hanisee won the remainder of the term in a race against Tommy Harvey in a squeaker, by a two vote margin. I expect a rematch next spring.
Lo Walker was unopposed as Mayor, but this time around Councilman Don Williams is considering mounting a challenge to the two-time incumbent.
If he does, that will leave the District 3 seat open.
I have also heard rumors of a couple of other possible candidates.
As to the Mayor’s race, just for kicks I have put up a poll on the right sidebar. 
We’ll get into it more as the year progresses.


  1. Predictions:

    Mayor: Walker

    Council: Larkin
    "New person in Jones' vacant seat"

  2. Anon at 950 - u hit it dead on - Hannisee has really not worked well - he got 3 votes too many

  3. I think it would be interesting if you added "someone else" to your mayoral poll.

  4. Anon at 5:18 - I considered that, but so far Mayor Walker has announced and Bubba Williams is going to decide in a month or so.
    When this poll expires, I may do that.

  5. So does anyone know when Lynn Austin will be announcing?

  6. When it comes to the Mayor's race, we need to
    remember how he did nothing when it came to the
    Norris murders. If clark would not have shot
    his gun in the floor in the Haughton store we
    might still have a killer on the loose. And
    Detectives pretenting like they had the right
    person, and when Clark was caught the Detectives
    said they were pressured to make an arrest. I
    wonder how often this happens?

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  8. Hey jim,

    My dad moved to Bossier a while back after losing the Shreveport Mayor's race maybe he should throw his name in there lol

  9. Zach, tell him to go for it. I think his ideas will have a better reception in Bossier than they got over there.

  10. Williams will not run for mayor. Jones will run for re-election as his ego will not let him give it up. Austin has as much chance of being mayor as he does of being re-elected as marshal. Austin has been a useless Marshal, just like the rest of Bossier's City leaders.

  11. 1. I figure Bubba at 50/50 right now. I think he might.
    2. David Jones isn't running. Personally, I wish he would, keeps the comment section on the blog busy.
    3. I don't know how the city marshal can be useless, unless he isn't serving the court properly, and I haven't heard any suggestions of that.

  12. Is Larkin the same Larkin that is tied up in what ever that controversy over 3132 extension in Shreveport is about?

    I haven't followed the story.

  13. Why isn't there any interest in the Bossier mayor's office by younger, dynamic, progressive candidates? I just doesn't seem anyone with any ambition or pedigree wants to be Bossier mayor. There is always a long list of candidates for Shreveport mayor, a job that I would think is much more complex than Bossier's.

    And didn't Walker run unopposed last time? If he did, it surely wasn't because we couldn't do any better.

    Help me. What am I missing?

  14. Hey 7:04,

    Wanna bet a steak dinner on your stellar prediction ?

  15. Larkin is the person tied up with the 3132
    controversy, he owns Larkin Development Company.

  16. I would run, but since my choicie of the church I attend is not located on East Texas I would not have a shot!!!!!

    Any one of the Three Stooges would be better candidates, wait I think one of them was elected! My Bad!

    1. Is Anonymous your first or last name that will be in the hat to run. Also the church on E. Texas needs your address.

  17. I have two patents that complain daily about every politician we have in this town. That being said, on election day they will go to the polls and vote foe those same people again and again. Why? Because they been here all there life and they know them. They don't vote for new people if they don't know them. They could agree with everything that says but won't vote for them. That's why young new people don't have a chance in Bossier. All elected and appointed people are relatively the same age around here. The sheriff's election is a perfect example of why new or young people are hesitate to run for office.

  18. Nothing will change. BC will elect a newly retired officer, and you'll have another legacy to contend with. Any other race will offer the same tired faces with the same tired promises. BC is headed towards the same economic demise as S'port if the don't wake up and take advantage of the economic boom.

  19. 11:19,

    What economic boom? The city council still say the city is so broke that they can not give the non first responders yet essential city workers a pay raise. The last pay raise for those folks was over over four years ago and averaged about $8 a week.

    The council uses the economy at their own discretion for reasons to justify their decision making strategies.

    Hypocrisy at it's finest! Or worse?

  20. What people need to realize is that ever since
    the Bossier Strip in the 60's Bossier has been
    known for its corupption. The last time I checked in 09 according to Topix Bossier city
    was rated number 25 in the list of most corrupt
    cities in the US. These older business in this
    city are not going to support young faces asking
    alot of questions. We need change, and LOW needs
    to go and yes I know how to spell his name. Why
    do think LOW had do go all the way down to the
    rank of seargent to find a new leader for the
    BCPD. Think about it.

  21. Everyone remember, 4 more years of Lo means 4 more years of Jimmy Hall. Also somebody explain to Lo he is the mayor of Bossier not mayor of Barksdale Air Force Base. He is retired and nobody cares for him on base.

  22. 11:16,
    How do you know "nobody" cares for him on the base? Was there a poll taken?

    I'm always puzzled when people say "nobody likes them" or "everyone hates them". Maybe the person saying it and a few of his buddies feels that way. Not everyone, though. I know lots of people that love Jimmy Hall (including me) but wouldn't make a broad statement to that effect.

  23. Topix - really? The tooth fairy told me it was number 1! Idiot.

  24. Well how many teeth do you have left?

  25. This is for the last 3 anonymous posters: are y'all still in middle school? You left out nanny-nanny boo-boo.

  26. Hey tough guy you were two of them, so what does
    that make you pre-K?

  27. Anonymous June 15 10:23 Do you get a tingle up your leg over your Love for Hall??? TO KNOW HALL IS NOT TO LOVE HIM! He DEFINITELY RULES and not only Bends the RULES, CHANGES them to DO HIS BIDDING!!! not an OPINION- A FACT! I hope you never get on his HIT LIST, I do not wish that on my worst enemy!

  28. Jim, I love what you post on your blog; your comments are fair and well thought out. And the comments by others were, at one time, mostly intelligent views of different sides of an issue. I would learn a lot from these discussions. But lately the comments are so childish (tooth fairy - really?)and lacking any kind of substance or rationale. Too many posts are just ignorant-sounding accusations without any reasons supporting them except more name calling. If you hate someone, give us a good reason why you hate that person.Educate us. Jim is trying to do something good here. Please respect that.

  29. I have bigger problems with character assasinations without providing any substance. Seems to be a handful of people with a chip on their shoulder.

  30. I made the comment on June 15 at 10:23. Can't tell you how much I like the comments from 6-18 at 11:14 and 6-19 at 8:40. They are saying exactly what I've tried to find out. What is all this hate towards Hall and Walker based on? I've known them both for almost 3 decades. I'm not a member of this so called "good old boys club", not a Shriner, and do not belong to any hunting clubs that I'm always hearing about on here. Like them both, although neither makes tingles run up my leg. Everyone seems to blast them with no facts to back up the hate.

  31. FYI I think the the toothfairy comet came from
    a BCPD Detective named Frank. There was a person
    on the KTBS blog named Frank that loved to pick
    on people and call them Idiot, this might be
    the same person.

  32. 2:08,
    There have been plenty of facts given for the hatred of Hall. If your on the outside looking in then you probably don't see or don't know what he is really about. I know he may seem like a nice guy but he is far from it. I would tell you things but then my comment would probably be deleted because on this blog it can only be accusations. You can't prove anything on this blog. You either believe it or not. There is slot of anger toward him and not so many trying to defend him. What does that tell you?

  33. It tells me you don't have a reason or you would give it. And that a lot of people don't think for themselves.

  34. What is going on with the COB and the USDOJ?

  35. Rumor has it David Montgomery will run for Mayor?

  36. When are the next city council elections?

  37. When are the next city council elections?


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