Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eight people subpoened to testify in bond election case

John Settle has requested that eight people be subpoened to testify in the case to overturn the School Board bond election. They are:
  1. Bobby Edmiston
  2. D. C. Machen
  3. Sonya Bailes
  4. Scott Smith
  5. Scott Hughes (Alliance for Education)
  6. Terrie Johnson (Elm Grove Middle School)
  7. Rhonda Schnell (Stockwell Elementary)
  8. David Thrash (Bossier High School)
An initial hearing will be held Monday morning in Bossier District Court. I’ll let you know the outcome of that.


  1. John Settle's efforts may not result in a legal victory for him, but I hope it does. Even if he loses I hope at least his efforts will open some of the closed doors behind which the dirty deals are made in Bossier.
    What's ironic is some Bossier bud. ass clown stated on this blog numerous times when corruption is mentioned, "Do something about it if you got proof!" Well, I think people may take you up on that offer and start doing something about it.
    Thank you Mr. Settle.

  2. Your right. They have been screaming to call the FBI and so on and so on. Now that someone is doing something they are now in "attack the messenger" mode. The one thing it is accomplishing is the one thing these politicians in Bossier hate and that is attention to their actions. They seem to hate it when you ask for documents.

  3. Settle is only out for himself, period.

  4. Please read Settle vs Settle opinion and you will see what type of nut that guy really is. Or just anyone in the legal community - judges, lawyers, courthouse personnel. To a person, all will tell you he's crazy and narcissistic. And this suit will end with no remedy, like most public stunts he conjures up!!

    Jim, please keep us posted as to the outcome.

  5. Good Lord!!!! Is this dude(Settle) really a nut??!

    I do not think so. It seems like he is trying to put the Quo back in the Status quo, Modus operandi.

    In other words, questioning authority in the best way he knows how.

    That is not a bad thing! The check in the sayings checks and balances.

    If everyone wants change and fight the good ole boy system, this man is doing it the way he knows.

    Quit yer bitc*in and maybe follow his lead. Perhaps in another way , perhaps not.

    Follow his way and always question authority, or be a spineless no balls jelly fish.

    We all want change,,, DO SOMETHING!!!

    Laws and established ways need to be changed.

    Man, that felt good to say that.

    Yet in some tongue and cheek satirical comedic way I choose to stay anonymous.

    Jim, thanks for this option.

  6. 3:31,
    I will agree with some in saying some of Settle's personal decisions are a little unethical. But what makes him different than the elected officials? Bottom line is like him or not he knows the law and this lawsuit has merit. If these elected official weren't abusing their authority then people like Settle wouldn't have a platform. So don't blame Settle. Blame the elected officials you seem to cower too

  7. Just out of curiosity, what does Settle do that is "unethical"?

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. 12:09 - I'm reprinting your comment with one small deletion and one addition (in parentheses).

    Apparently there (have been allegations)is some inappropriate behavior with a secretary. He has been arrested twice for DWI. Like I said before, probably no different than our elected officials. The only difference between him and others is his aren't covered up.

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