Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bossier's Billy Busted

Bossier celebrity Billy the Exterminator was arrested for smoking synthetic dope. My commentary follows.


  1. Decriminalize the real. May be the dude might mellow a little.

    Small amounts of real decriminalized would stop that dangerous concoction.

  2. 5:21,
    Your an idiot.

  3. And is this a shock to anyone

  4. 5:21,,,

    I guess these folks are idiots too. The police departments in the states and municipalities that have decriminalized small amounts of cannabis do not have to waste valuable time for minor petty, time consuming crimes. They were smart enough to realize some laws need to be changed.

    5:21,, have you ever traveled beyond the boundaries of Bossier or Caddo Parishes.

    It would not surprise me if your favorite TV shows are those stupid Bayou Billionaire , and what ever that stupid reality show that is filmed here.

    Maam, I can picture you in your EZ chair with your twelve pack of Bush beer and your Cheetos.

  5. Places that have decriminalized marijuana...places like Los Angeles, New York, Denver, etc. what are the crime rates in these cities? Bottom line is people usually start with marijuana and move on to stronger drugs. Let's stop with all the medicinal marijuana crap as well. It's just dopers trying to find a way to get it legalized.

  6. ^^^^

    I would say Beer and Cigarettes(nicotine) are the gateway drugs more than illegal cannabis.

    Showing me proof of an overdose leading to death of marijuana would be a direction in your side of this debate.

    As far as the medicinal side of legalization goes it is the combination of THC and cannabinoids that are effective towards true medicinal value.

    Just no money to be made for big pharmaceutical companies.

    If the Feds would recognize this fact and change some laws, some REAL truth might educate the education-able.

    States like California let the law changing go the wrong way and the stoner appeal got out of hand.

    Geeze, our neighbor state Mississippi recognizes the idiocrocy of valuable police time wasted and cost of incarceration costs for small amounts of marijuana.

    Of course the current laws do produce jobs for the prison system that is increasingly turning into privately run companies for profit.

    Who knows what is in that synthetic pot. Only a stupid person would smoke that crap.

    By, the way for what it is worth I have not smoked any marijuana in decades, and probably smoked less than the current law makers in real life have smoked in their youth.

    Change the stupid laws.

  7. Nice post. High Times magazine reader I presume.

  8. Thanks for the complement, not a High times reader. I could care less about the stoners. I just speak with fiscal responsibility.

    Stop wasting taxpayers money on senseless laws.

  9. Well I respect your opinion, I just disagree with it. Besides I feel the people that smoke small amounts of marijuana at the home and are usually responsible adults usually don't have problems with the police spending a whole lot of time or money chasing them. It's usually the stoners you seem to dislike that are out in public usually drawing attention to themselves breaking other laws that get caught.

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  11. 8:39,

    I don't dislike stoners. Actually the ones I know are some of the most responsible law abiding, tax paying, society contributing, church going down to earth folks around. They are not slackers by any means.

    I myself have endured a brutal round of chemotherapy. Successful I might add.

    I am deeply involved in a small yet world wide online support group of GOOD people going throught effects of cancer and Hepatitis C treatments.

    Too many stories to tell and repeat of the successful addition of medical cannabis in easing these treatments.

    Comfort and compassion instead of shear ignorance and stereotyping.

  12. Change the laws!

  13. Ironic as hell, my last post was at 4:20 what ever that stupid 4:20 thing is all about.

  14. People don't od on pot but the majority of other drug user started the more serious drug while they were high on pot hence "gateway drug". A grown up knows the hazards of crap they put in their bodies ... Be it weed or a nasty fat filled cheese burger... So I have no problem with them smoking small amount while they are at home and responsible for anything but if a child or teen gets a hold of I have other issues with that

    1. And no I'm not a smoker

  15. Surprised, no more Debate.

    Must stand. The youth's problem.

    Not secretly local politicians semi quasi taking an occasional one hitter every so often.

    Don't blame them . Lot to be said for being incognito with out worry of the test.


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