Friday, October 31, 2008

Bossier School Board Investigates missing $$$$

A small investigation into some missing money has become a major investigation for the Bossier Parish School System.
The case started after $1,400 was missing from a safe at the Bossier Parish School Maintenance Department.
The investigation is now looking into how the school district spent millions of dollars on air conditioning work.
Click on the story title for the link to KSLA


  1. Why is this blog not the top one on your site.

  2. Jim - this should be the most important blog on your website. 6.3 million dollars to one company with no bid and worse the company was unlicensed at the time. Don't you see, all this other stuff you put on your website is non-sense compared to this. We all support taxes for the schools, now we see that that money is being wasted. Why hasn't the school board filed suit to get it's money back from this company? Why has it not moved to fire and remove people involved? Why has not the administration been held accountable? School Board Members - Get off of your tales and start asking questions and stop being part of the cover up.

  3. one of the reasons that feet were dragged on this is because I think that so many are involved in this that hasn't even been found out. This even trickles into the police jury seeing as how Randy Johnston's dad, Winfred was the past president of the Police Jury and still serves as a member. Winfred was responsible for installing msny of these STOLEN units and thatis exactly what they are. Trust me by no means is any of the aforementioned people innocent. They may play a good game but they are all crooks.

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