Monday, October 13, 2008

New Format

For you regulars, you will notice that My Bossier has a new format. I plan to add a couple of new things and wanted less wasted space.
We have a great new search feature for the blog, just put in a word or name and it will take you to that blog entry.
We have added online crosswords and a link the The Times obituaries.
We have added live news feed - just click on your choice of Bossier, Shreveport, Louisiana, Sports, LSU sports.
My Bossier is now on Facebook. Link to Facebook and sign up as a friend.
We also have live feed from various blogs.
Check it all out, and if you have any suggestions for the blog, please feel free to comment.
Thanks for reading My Bossier.


  1. Drop the banjo music...hard to surf serious sites at night in bed when music comes on and wakes up the wife...

  2. Okay anon, it's gone. Another brilliant idea down the tubes, but I don't want your missus on my case.

  3. I love the new format!
    If you want music, do a music player...then people can turn it on or off, and choose what songs they like.

    Oh and thank you for putting my blog out there!! You are so sweet.

  4. Good idea, I'll work on that.


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