Thursday, October 30, 2008

Over 1,000 at Haynesville Shale Job Fair

Hundreds of people stood in line Wednesday at the Bossier City Convention Center waiting for a chance to strut their stuff for companies like Chesapeake Energy, Parker Drilling and Trinidad Drilling.
The crowds gathered there for the oil and gas job fair connected with the Haynesville Shale natural gas deposit. More than a thousand people attended the job fair, event organizers said.
The line was so long at Chesapeake's booth that it started to snake around the room. Chesapeake is the largest natural gas drilling company in the country. The company has the largest presence in the Haynesville Shale with 14 rigs.
"It's been like this since 10 a.m.," said Sarie Joubert, public affairs manager for Chesapeake. "It's been nonstop. The line has stayed exactly the same."
Joubert said people were looking for jobs of all types — roustabouts, tool pushers, supervisors and truck drivers. People were dropping off resumes and business cards as well as filling out applications.
The Times

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