Sunday, October 26, 2008

New! My Bossier Forum

In an attempt to make My Bossier more interactive, we have set up a new discussion forum. You simply assign yourself a member name (doesn't have to be your name) and comment on discussions already posted or post your own.
Discuss all things Shreveport/Bossier or for that matter, anything that comes to your mind!
You will have a page of your own to set up and post things of interest, photos, videos etc.
You also have a comment space on your page where people can leave comments for you. You can receive email from other members at your discretion.
You also can blog on things that interest you.
You can also list events of interest for all to see. Check it out today.

My Bossier Forum

1 comment:

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2. No accustory statements about wrongdoing or criminal acts against anyone.
3. Say all you want about the pros and cons concerning the candidates and the issues, or the general subject of the blog post, just follow Rule #1 and Rule #2.