Friday, July 3, 2009

Calvin Lester endorses Sarah Palin!

Well, he did. For First Quitter. On Twitter.

Before half of the Republicans in Bossier Parish have a heart attack, let me explain.

In the midst of an exchange about Palin's resignation, Councilman Lester posted:

  • CalvinBenLester - Found job she's qualified for: Sarah Palin as First Quitter! Quitter of the United States! QOTUS! She'll have my full support!

  • MyBossier@CalvinBenLester - "First Quitter" - I could make a great blog post 'Calvin Lester endorses Sarah Palin', would stir Bossier pols up!

  • CalvinBenLester@MyBossier - I love it! Go with that! Let's shake them up! Calvin Lester endorses Sarah Palin. (For First Quitter!)

On a more serious note, what do you make of Palin’s resignation after serving just part of her first term as governor? Some think it is so she can spend her time running for president. Others think she will mount a bid for the Senate.

Cynic that I am, I think there might be a scandal sitting there that is ready to explode.

It just doesn’t make sense. Palin has served just over 2 ½ years as governor. Her previous experience was as the head of a state commission and several years as mayor of a small town. To be a credible candidate for anything, she needs the launching board of her office.

I have put a poll on the right sidebar. Let us know what you think.

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  1. Jim, you have really hit the bottom.

  2. Really, what did I do now?

  3. Jim, good post. Lester couldn't help himself I guess. If you are mean spirited, that will be your first reaction. As far as the reasons she got out, it don't make sense, but there was an indication in the speach that I caught that made me think she was looking at a run.

  4. I think there will be a lot of conjecture. I just read one blog post in the Economist that claims she is about to be indicted - something to do with using building materials paid for by the City of Wasilla.
    We'll see.
    (I hope not, but the whole thing seems strange.)

  5. I guess now your a big Calvin Lester fan, and you can't even support a Bossier Parish judge.

  6. anon at 6:23:
    Stop. I'm sure you're referring to the election last fall. If you want to look at it that way, your side wouldn't support a Bossier Parish Judge. You elected a new one.
    As for Calvin Lester, just because we exchange remarks on Twitter doesn't mean that we endorse everything the other does. It means that we exchange remarks in a civil and decent way.

  7. Your just a liberal and you supported a liberal for judge. Now you like Calvin Lester who everhyone knows is crooked.

  8. Anon, you're trying to label me. I won't claim the title liberal or conservative because they have both been hijacked and have lost their true meaning.
    If I wanted to label, I could call you an idiot, for example, but I'm sure that you are much more than that.


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