Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama and the Russians: The Snub that Wasn’t

The blogosphere is buzzing with the video of ‘Russians’ refusing to shake President Obama’s hand in the presence of Russian President Medvedev.
If you watch the video, it’s obvious that Obama was introducing Medvedev to members of the American delegation.
If a group of Russians had refused to shake hands with the President of the United States in the presence of the President of the Russian Federation, they would be on the red-eye to Siberia.
Believe what you want, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Please, keep your opposition to this president on real terms, as our country faces very serious problems that require the serious consideration of us all.
This is reminiscent of the videos a couple of years ago claiming that President Bush was snubbed at the G20 summit. That, of course, turned out to be totally untrue.


  1. Keep us straight Jim. I had not heard of this going on. I agree with the assessment from the video. Of course if there were audio of him introducing people there would be less doubt of those who still want to stick to the snub story.

  2. I dunno dude. It looks to me at one point President Obama offers his hand, then looks down at the hand of the man he is greeting, and Obama's face turns sour.

  3. Maybe he had gas. One of the "Russians" who is snubbing him is his chief of staff, David Axelrod.

  4. Well of coure this is worth your time, Jim. Mr Independent my ***!


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