Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maggie Lee Henson: A father's continuing hope and prayer

I was checking Maggie Lee’s Caring Bridge page this morning and read the update from her father, John Henson. He wrote of coming back into the room at 5:00 this morning after a cup of coffee in the hospital cafeteria.

For just that moment, I had forgotten that she is hooked up to what must be miles of wiring, tubes and drugs. It wasn’t registering in my sleepy head that she is in the hospital, in a Critical Care Unit where someone must tend to her minute by minute. It somehow escaped me that her body is at dis-ease and has been that way for almost two weeks now. I walked up to her and started to wake her like I’ve done so many times before, but that moment ended and I remembered where we were.

He goes on to express his hope and his prayer.

The gospels show Jesus with such power to look at those who sleep and awaken them with his love and those very words. “Rise up.”

I want the same for Maggie Lee as I look at her. And I know Jesus still says them.

Lord Jesus, speak your words of reveille to her. Call her out of this deep sleep.

Please follow the link and keep up with this wonderful family in their struggle for their loved one. The webpage has had more than 100,000 visitors over the last two weeks. Sign the guestbook and let the family know that you are with them.

(Maggie Lee Henson is one of the students from First Baptist Church in Shreveport who was injured in the terrible accident that took the life of fourteen year old Brandon Ugarte.Maggie is suffering from severe brain injury and is being treated at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.)


  1. Jim, I have followed this story from day 1. I receive emails to let me know when there is an update. I go to John's twitter page and follow there. I pray constantly for the family and MLH as they like to refer to her as. I keep expecting to hear, "the doctors have decide to let her wake up today". John and Jinny (though I don't know either of them and have no connection withthem or their church except through Jeses Christ our Lord and Savior) have been a blessing and encouragement to me and thousands others. God has truly used them. I pray my faith will be as strong when the time comers to be put on display. God Bless.

  2. Jim as I was posting the last post I got an email about a new journal post on her caringbridge site. They constantly update it. There is some good news posted there.

  3. Darrell, I've been gone all day and just checked the Caring Bridge site. Looks like she has had a good day. This is a remarkable family.


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