Wednesday, July 29, 2009

See'ya Cedric: Shreveport City Council walks out on mayor

According to Adam Causey at The Times, Monday's Shreveport City Council meeting was a little confusing, while yesterday's meeting got downright nasty. The subject was a vote to put up 740 acres of city land, mostly right of ways, for lease with the state mineral board.
At Monday's meeting the council was trying to ascertain if contact had been made with the mineral board. A city attorney stated that Chesapeake was taking care of it. On the face of it, it seems strange to me that an energy company would be doing this. The purpose of placing it with the Mineral Board is so it will be up for public bids, not so a deal between the city and Cheseapeake can be consummated.
Councilman Long got frustrated and left the meeting to call the Mineral Board himself.
On Tuesday the mayor questioned the council's judgment in putting the land up. A lot of Shreveport residents are unhappy because Twin Cities Development (Chesapeake's leasing partner) refuses to deal with inner city neighborhood associations.
When the mayor stated that the arrangment "undermines" local government and residents' best interests, feathers got ruffled. Councilman Joe Shyne booed the mayor and Chairman Ron Webb immediately gaveled an end to the meeting.
I think the mayor has a point and there is no need to rush into it. If he vetoes it, a vote of 5-2 will be needed to override.


  1. Maybe they just suspended his rights for talking too much.

  2. Why didn't they lease last year when bonuses were so much higher?


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