Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What? What?!!!

The Bossier Press-Tribune reports that a 64 year old woman was arrested in Old Bossier for selling $58 worth of Vicodin and Lortab to an undercover officer.
Honey Mae White was booked into Bossier Maximum and her bond is set at $150,000.
Meanwhile, Pablo Ahbert-Mata, 21, was arrested Saturday night after throwing a beer bottle at someone in Tootie’s bar because the man was wearing a sombrero. He then pulled a knife and acted in a threatening manner.
Pablo’s bond was set at $3,650. Ahbert-Mata admitted to deputies that he is in the country illegally.
The purpose of paying bond is to ensure that the person charged will not flee the jurisdiction. Apparently the system reasons that the 64 year old resident will take her ill-gotten $58 and flee the country, whereas a person who is in the country illegally will not attempt to escape justice.
After all, a (very) few pills in the hands of an undercover officer is much more dangerous than a 21 year bottle throwing, knife bearing “undocumented” person.
If someone comes up with that bond, I’ll bet he’ll be wading the Rio Grande within a day.


  1. Fair and balanced, Jim.
    Dont get caught jay walking.
    That's a $500,000 Bond...

  2. That is messed up.

  3. From what I have seen here, they inflate the value of any pills way past what anyone would pay for them when someone is arrested--she prolly only had a couple of pills...

  4. Who is the judge?


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