Monday, July 13, 2009

Shreveport anti-tax attorney Tommy Cryer sued by IRS

Last week the IRS sued Shreveport attorney Tommy Cryer in Federal Court in Shreveport to enforce an IRS Summons against him. Cryer has gained national attention in the last couple of years for his stand against the IRS.
Cryer was indicted in 2006 for 2 counts of tax evasion. The IRS claimed that Cryer had dodged pay over $73,000 in income tax by setting up a trust to receive some payments. In July of 2007 the IRS reduced the charges to willful failure to pay income tax returns. In this case, Cryer claimed that he owed no taxes, and was acquitted on both counts.
In April of this year Cryer filed suit in the United States Tax Court. The government responded by saying that Cryer owed owes $848,806.00 in Federal income tax plus $615,384.37 in section 6651(f) penalties for fraudulent failure to file tax returns, $212,201.50 in section 6651(a)(2) penalties for failure to timely pay the taxes, and $43,044.84 in section 6654 penalties for failure to timely pay estimated taxes.
Again, Cryer disputed the amount, claiming that he owes no taxes at all.
Cryer has a website, Truth Attack, that fully explains his views on tax laws and their constitutionality.


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