Monday, November 30, 2009

Grand Jury: no indictment in police shooting

Officer Kary Szyska has been cleared by a grand jury of any criminal culpability in the shooting of Scott Gray in October.
Gray family lawyer Elton Richey said the family is considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the city.
"We are not going to speculate about or criticize the grand jury's decision or any prosecutorial decisions of the Bossier Parish district attorney," Richey said. "This grand jury was simply called upon to decide whether or not these officers should be criminally prosecuted for murder, not to decide whether they are civilly liable for his death."
This was a very unfortunate incident, as Chief Mike Halphen pointed out when he announced that Szyska had not violated department policies in the shooting.
The incident in Washington where four police officers were killed has something in common with this; the individual in both cases proclaimed he was Jesus Christ and both were mentally unstable. In the Bossier City case, however, the result was quite different.
We wish the best to Mr. Gray’s family and to the officers involved and their families.


  1. I guess the victim's family will say the da botched this one and the da's "friends" will ignore the fact that he supports law enforcement - what say you Jim

  2. The DA did not make this decision. He presented to the Grand Jury, who returned a no-bill. I am very unhappy with the DA's office, and I hope he will be replaced in the next election or sooner, but I have sense enough to know they do a good job on some cases.

  3. the grand jury can indict a ham sandwich, or the other way around, depending on the evidence that is presented to the grand jury. we would have to see all of the evidence to make a reasonable determination

  4. We wish the best to Mr. Gray’s family and to the officers involved and their families.

    With that said what if we took a moment of silence an consider all that are going to be affected by this incident. God Bless You All

  5. yeah, jim you need to check your facts. the da just got a 28 year sentence in a manslaughter case in webster that was hotly contested and potentially botched by law enforcement but the da got his conviction over there. he also got another 30 year sentence in another manslaughter case the same day from a guilty plea. sounds like he is kicking a little **s

  6. anon at 9:37 - what the hell are you talking about check my facts? Are you saying that the grand jury DID return an indictment?


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