Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Election 2010: Fleming announces for second term

Dr. John Fleming of Minden has announced that he will seek another term in congress. He already has one announced Democratic opponent, Steven Gavi.
I doubt that Gavi will get a lot of traction, but you never know. The last election between Fleming and Paul Carmouche, a well-known prosecutor, was a razor close race. Conjecture was that if Carmouche had forgone help from the national Democratic machine, and had he forgone a radio endorsement from Barack Obama, he probably would have won.
He didn't, Feming did.
I have some political differences with Fleming, but there are also some things I like. The main thing that I like is that he has been pretty true to his word and he seems to be an upstanding person. I think good character is important, and Fleming has it.
That's not to say that Gavi doesn't, I don't know anything about him. None of this is intended as a negative against him.
Barring unforeseen circumstances, it will be Fleming in a landslide.
Tomorrow, we'll take a closer look at the race for Shreveport mayor and council.


  1. Jim, I have ZERO doubt that had it not been for the Congressional general election being pushed back due to a hurricane, that Paul Carmouche would now be our Representative.

    The massive turnout I saw at my own polling place of folks who had NEVER voted before (needing instruction from the nice ladies that work the polls, and asking them how to put their finger on a "D") convinced me that had we been voting in November for that office, Carmouche would have won in a landslide.

    Cao would have lost, too.

    I'm thinkin', "thank God for small favors."

    I'll admit up front that I was skeptical about Congressman Fleming in his first campaign. Dunno...there was just "something" that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Maybe it's because he's from Minden (that's a personal family joke...seeing as much of my family is from over there).

    However, I have been extremely proud of our Congressman on several occasions. And, my first impressions (probably really caused by his very lame TV ads in his first campaign) were wrong.

    I think he's the real deal. I'm pretty sure that I disagree with him on a few things. And, I've noted that from time to time, he seems to be trying to show "too much class" when being interviewed on some national news networks.

    I mean, I'd like him to go out and kick butt! But, he did come behind Jim, Buddy, and Joe (with Claude 'the other Buddy' mixed in there by accident)...maybe he's just made that way, and our District lends itself to such folks.

    Anyway, I'll take his votes any time over what Carmouche may have thrown...especially for House Speaker.

    Long comment...short version...I am pleasantly surprised with Congressman Fleming. I have great respect for people that leave a comfortable, quiet life, and throw themselves into the arena of politics for the right reasons.

    I really believe that John is one of those kind of men. I've never met the guy. And, all the bad vibes I got from him during his first really bad political commercials have been done away with.

    I don't think we'll do better. And, I can't imagine a Democrat with a chance in the bad place of unseating him in an off-year election...especially THIS YEAR!

  2. Andy, I like the fact that he isn't a career politician, but a doctor and businessman. I mean heck, he was older than you before he ever ran for office!

  3. Yeah, me too, Jim.

    We really need older guys that have been outside the political arena right now.

    Look...I've got not much against Carmouche. I mean, he is just about as good as his Party could offer in our Congressional District. He did his job for a looooooong time, and I'm sure he made many friends (and enemies) in the process.

    Some of his thinking/actions must have been based on "politics." It comes with the job, I guess.

    I think my early skepticism about John had to do more with the "unknown" factor...and of course, his extremely sucky TV ads that made him look like some kind of a robot, and his John Davidson hairstyle. Just sayin'...

    But, as I stated before, I can not find much fault, and can not imagine that he will not return to Congress.

    And, as to Fleming's age...I have made a vow that I will NEVER vote for someone younger than me. Believe it or not, it's getting harder and harder to keep that vow...

  4. No matter how popular an incumbent might be, it is good to have at least one credible candidate opposing him in every election. You never know when something might happen before the next election--politicians are very prone to getting involved in scandals.

  5. Fleming hasn't had an independent thought since he was elected. Where is he on this oil spill? Where is he on these horrible roads/interstates? Just another rich doctor/businessman who spent his money to protect his fortune. He has no desire to help the people of his district.


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