Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Race is on in Shreveport

No, not the race for mayor and council. The race that is catching all of the attention right now isn’t even for an elected office, it is for the next police chief. Current chief Henry Whitehorn is leaving to become U. S. Marshal for the Western District, and Mayor Cedric Glover has said that he will announce Whitehorn’s replacement within the next week.
There are fourteen candidates:

1. Assistant to the Chief Ronald D. Huddleston, Assistant to the Chief
2. Cpl. Michael Carter, Investigations Division
3. Assistant Chief Wayne Smith, Support Division
4. Sgt. Willie Shaw, Administration Division
5. Cpl. Patrick McConnell, Uniform Services Division
6. Capt. David E. McDaniels, Uniform Services Division
7. Sgt. James Taliaferro, Investigations Division
8. Cpl. Kevin Strickland, Uniform Services Division
9. Sgt. Greg Jones, Administration Division
10. Cpl. Rodney Demery, Investigations Division
11. Capt. William Nelson, Support Division
12. Sgt. Tedris Smith, Investigations Division
13. Lake Charles Police Sgt. Mark A. Kraus
14. Bossier City Police Sgt. Larry Hawkins
From what I’m hearing, the likely picks are either of the assistant chiefs, Huddleston or Smith, and Sgt. Willie Shaw. Greg Jones and Rod Demery are in the mix, but somewhere behind the other three.
It’s an important decision and will have long term ramifications for the city.


  1. Larry Hawkins would be the best choice. Bossier made a mistake by not chosing him

  2. Wayne Smith will get it

  3. Larry Hawkins, your joking, right? I work with the guy, He is not chief material. Yeah, he's got a master's degree. I have a degree, and I can tell you, having a degree does not make you a good cop, period. Hawkins is a nice guy, but not a good in-charge kinda guy. He's different, I will just leave it at that.
    I am just glad that SPD got rid of Whitehorn, I know alot of guys that are happy he is gone.


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