Sunday, June 27, 2010

Holocaust survivor Rose Van Thyn passes away

After the Germans occupied Holland in 1942, the Nazis came to Rose Van Thyn's house and took her family away.
She was put on a railway cattle car crowded with 98 people and 2 buckets, one for drinking and one for waste. She was taken to Auschwitz where she underwent medical experiments, and later was sent to Ravensbrueck.
She survived a 'death march' near the end of the war.
Rose and her husband Louis met after the war in Amsterdam and married in 1951. They moved to Shreveport in 1956.
Rose Van Thyn was 88 years old.
You can hear her story here and here.

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  1. That is interesting, Jim. Somehow I've missed Mrs. Van Thyn's story.



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