Sunday, June 13, 2010

Local woman loses three family members to flood

A local family is grieving today at the loss of three family members in the flash floods in Arkansas.
Nancy Hathorne lost her 30 year old son, Anthony Smith, and his two youngest children, Joey, age 5 and Katelynn, age 2. Anthony was able to save his wife and 13 year old son and a friend, but could not save the younger children or himself.
Kinsley Basinger, 6 & Shane Basinger, 34, Gloster were also killed.
Our condolences go out to these families.
Wheeler has some photos of his visit there on The Norla Blog.
A lot of local people go to Ouachita National Forest to camp for a weekend. The first video below was taken by a YouTuber on his 2007 trip.
The second video shows some of the devastation after the flood.


  1. Man, this is so sad. We have camped up there before in the way back. It's such a beautiful and peaceful place.

    I have been trying to imagine what it must have been like to be in the middle of that hell. Just so dang sad...

    For what good my prayers are these days, they certainly go to the families.

  2. i hope when the search ends they let the place go back to nature. i know i could never camp there again.

    i keep wanting to post more about it but can't. all those kids and families. just awful.

  3. Indeed Wheeler. Just "awful" indeed.

  4. A sad tragedy. Saddened by the loss of life, but I am glad to see some of my neighbors made it out safe with there boy scouts.


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