Monday, February 14, 2011

Defining the duties of the Bossier City Marshal

I have been receiving some questions regarding the duties of the City Marshal.
The statute says that within the city he has the same powers and authority of a sheriff. Until 1949, the Bossier City Marshal policed the city. In most municipalities, the marshal simply serves the court and acts to coordinate the activities of the court and the police department, for example by transporting prisoners to court.
If I remember correctly, when Jimmy Dove first ran for marshal in Shreveport, he had a challenger who wanted to do bascially what Johnny Wyatt had done in Bossier by having uniformed deputies and cars that are fully marked and equipped with all of the police paraphernalia.
Johnny Wyatt expanded the scope of the office to include actual policing duties, such as heading up the internet predator task force and establishing a computer forensics lab.
Some believe that these duties best belong with the police department.
This is how the law defines it.  I think it may be a good thing for the candidates to fully address it, not just in the sense of 'continuing' what Johnny Wyatt did, but in explaining to the people how this is not simply duplicating what the police department already does.
RS 13:1881
§1881. General powers and duties of marshal; deputy marshals
  • A. The marshal is the executive officer of the court; he shall execute the orders and mandates of the court and in the execution thereof, and in making arrests and preserving the peace, he has the same powers and authority of a sheriff.
  • B. The marshal may appoint one or more deputy marshals having the same powers and authority as the marshal, but the marshal shall be responsible for their actions. The compensation of the deputy marshals shall be fixed and paid by the governing authorities of the city or parish, or both, where the court is located. The city marshal may use funds available for expenses of his office, including proceeds from costs assessed in criminal matters pursuant to R.S. 13:1899, to pay an amount in excess of the fixed salary or to pay the amount fixed or any portion thereof to deputy marshals or to employ additional deputies. However, nothing herein shall authorize the city marshal to fix or supplement his own salary. In no event shall the salary of any deputy exceed that of his city marshal. Acts 1960, No. 32, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1961; Acts 1983, No. 248, §1; Acts 1986, No. 168, §1; Acts 1993, No. 629, §1.


  1. This needs to be discussed. Good article.

  2. How about a commitment from the candidates that their own personal pay would not exceed $60,000? Johnny Wyatt paid himself $180,000, an absurd amount given the financial crisis we are in locally, state, and nationally.

  3. Johnny Wyatt's income for 2009 was $113,625.76. The marshal's salary is set and paid by the city, not by the marshal himself.

  4. That's the salary from the city? Wow...that's impressive for having 10 employees...does that include his portion of the fines? Seizures? Garnishments? Etc... Does any one know?

  5. That's almost as much as the sheriff's secretary makes.

  6. I had heard that the Bossier City Marshal received more money than others. He was paid from proceeds from sales of seized property. This was all legal, just not a common practice. No facts to back this up.

  7. is it too late for deen's secretary to get in the race?

  8. And take a pay cut?

  9. Interviews tonight with Sammy and Carl. Still no response from Lynn. We won't release the videos until we get a definitive answer from Lynn. If he refuses, we'll let you know.

  10. How will you deal with the overlap of services provided by the marshall's office, sheriff's office and Bossier City Police?

    Can you describe how the office is funded?

    What specific steps will you take to reduce the budget and will you step down if you do not implement your changes?

    Can we count on you and will you promise to reduce your overall budget while increasing the revenues that you bring in for the city?

    Why are you a better candidate than X? State their weakenss adn your corresponding strength?

  11. why are 5 out of 10 articles on your blog about the bossier city marchalls race? is it really that big of a deal? i dont see the mainstream media tracking it like this blog does. does this blog have a stake in the outcome of the race. it is just a city marhall race! aren't there more things going on in the community?

  12. Because it is just over a month away and involves three candidates who have never run for office before. Believe it or not, a lot of people are interested.

  13. Amen to that. I have heard enough about this silly little political race

  14. Somebody's followers don't want a lot of public discussion . . .

  15. Thanks for keeping it up Jim, and I agree, somebody's followers don't want people to keep up with this race. I would say some good ole boy's followers.


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