Wednesday, February 9, 2011


That 3" to 7" of snow with a high of 32 turned out to be, to put it nicely, a little off.
More like rain and a low so far of 34 degrees.
I'll bet all of the public officials who signed orders closing schools and public offices are having a Steve Urkel "Did I do that?" moment about now.
Onward and upward, looks like 65+ degrees for this weekend into next week.  I'm ready for it!


  1. This is a classic example of depending too much on technology instead of common sense. The computer models indicated a snow storm was coming, so the powers that be called off the work and school day almost 12 hours before the event was to occur.
    In the days of common sense the powers that be would have gotten up early in the morning, checked the weather, and decided accordingly. If there were any changes, during the day, they would then take the appropriate action determined by the weather .
    But then, a lot of decisions today are made to thwart the actions of the scum sucking lawyers.

  2. They were supposed to have 6 - 8" in northwest Arkansas. The last measurement I heard was 20" and growing. Little Rock had 5 at 2:00. I guess the cold didn't get to you in time to cause snowmageddon.

  3. Moogie, I'm glad Arkansas got it all!
    G. R. - right on the money, as usual.

  4. Jim, looks like your Wednesday was snowless.

  5. I went into a principles office one time while working on the intercom. On his desk, he had a piece of barbed wire with a note attached. It read: If wet, rain. If dry, no rain. If white, snow. If gone, tornado. Well it just goes to show, God can still throw a wicked curve ball. Oh, well, I can make this prediction. The weather will change.

  6. G. R. Lawyers had nothing to do with the Dept. of Emergency Preparedness advising law enforcement and schools to close to minimize the number of people entering what was thought to be a winter storm. Look in the mirror scum sucker (your words) and admit that all of your shortcomings in life are your own, and quit blaming others, like lawyers, for your miserable existence. You made yourself worthless, and now you must recognize it each morning you scrape the hair off your teeth.

  7. Well G.R., we now know what 'Homeland Security' thinks of you?
    Hey Ed: Did you know it was supposed to snow today?

  8. Jim,

    Oh well! I don't take nutless wonders hiding behind anonymous seriously.

  9. Jim,

    The more I thought about Anonymous's post, the angrier I got. I didn't even rate sloped forehead, knuckle draggin', Neanderthal! What is this world coming to?


  10. And you didn't even know you were miserable until he pointed it out to you . .

  11. I'm pretty ignurnt on this stuff, but I thought the call was made WAY too soon.

    However, I was told on Tuesday afternoon by a teacher that EP & Homeland Security make these calls now...not like the good old days when we woke up at regular time and turned on KEEL, hoping against hope that Mr. Cope slid sideways out of his driveway, and that school was OFF.

    Again, I'm not sure how it all works, but things are different now. Back then, Mom was at home, so if school had to close early an adult was there. Now, if they shut down early, Mom has to beg off work (if she can), or leave the kids to their own devices.

    And, because so many Moms are without Pops, they've got to be able to plan in advance to be off work (especially if they have very young school chirrens).

    I guess a lot of factors go in to making the bad will rural roads get? many teachers live way off?...what kind of burden will it be for them IF it hits, etc.

    So, I'm not gonna second guess the extremely early call on this one. Heck, I thought they were stupid last week for calling it so early...but they were right!

    Batting .500 ain't all that bad.

    And, G.R., if it'll make you feel any better...You're a sloped-foreheaded knuckle-dragging Neanderthal!

    Dude, do you REALLY scrape hair off your teeth? Take a pitcher...

  12. Andy,I would answer your last question, but this is a family-oriented blog. ; )
    As to the Dept. of Emergency Preparedness, they and the media are feeding off each other and are constantly screaming, "The sky is falling!" They are becoming a joke like every other department of the Nanny State of America, which seems to run by a bunch os scum sucking lawyers that have overbred like rats.

  13. I don't know about Lawyers being directly behind this decision, but I do know that because of litigation, a lot of our decisions are made with the thought, will I get sued for this by someone out to make an extra buck. But whenever I get a phone call and it says this is a message from homeland security, I first think we have had a terrorist attack and it is close enough that I am gonna have to do something about it. Then it is followed by a school closure notice or a boil advisory or some sort of weather warning. Since this is recorded right before it is sent out, why not say, this is from board or ....water dept?

  14. G.R., Nyuk!

    Darrell, that is an excellent point. But I imagine that it would cost several million dollars, and take a couple of dozen gubmit employees if they had to change the intro to the message.

  15. Andy, since they record the whole message each time before it goes out, it shouldn't cost, but I am sure they could justify a half million dollar grant to study the effects that changing it would cause. I wander if I could apply for that job and get that grant money.

  16. Jim,

    Here is the process. The National Weather Service contacts the Homeland Security when the computer models (4) show a potential threat. This starts two conference calls a day with all fire departments, police departments, sheriffs, Barksdale, school superintendents, parishs, mayors, and councils. Once the models show more consistent predictions, the school superintendents make a decision and everyone else follows suit. The technology is right much more than it is wrong and childcare becomes an issue. I would rather see the decision err on the side of caution.


  17. I don't disagree. The Weather Service was very sure of their predictions on this one, it just missed. I read that the Ouachita mountains stopped the cold air from coming down as quickly as they thought.


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