Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Duke Lowrie to announce for legislature

As expected, Duke Lowrie will announce that he is running for the District 8 seat in the legislature.  Jane Smith is term limited and has announced that she is running for Buddy Shaw's senate seat.
Lowrie will make his announcement on February 10th at 6PM at the Bossier Civic Center.



  1. Rock on Duke... I will be your first voter

  2. I will be at the polls at 6 am on election day! We are 100% behind you! We need more great men like you in office!

  3. I got one question, which is the litmus test for getting my vote.

    Is Duke a member of the good ole' boys here in Bossier or not?

    I hope not. People really are tired of the good ole' boys, which ain't so good.

  4. Good Ole' Boys are being looked at hard from many different areas -

    some say a few already been shown the door and are talking. Guess RICO Suave' really does work.

    things gonna change real soon

  5. Is it hunting season up north or down south. love a bird hunt - don't you.

    or i like to fish - the dang dam is a good place or the port.

    catch and release - only if it helps you catch more -

    party over - they don;t know it yet

  6. Anon at 1047, I can tell you for sure that Duke is not a member of the Good Ole Boy system.

  7. Go get em, Duke! Make us proud! I will be at that announcement, supporting you! This is the type of man we need in politics, he has spent years serving us as a fireman, being a go getter. Putting his life on the line for us on a daily basis, now he wants to go serve us in Baton Rouge, and fight for our Conservative values. This man is a true symbol of what public service should look like! Duke will not sit back and watch, Duke wants to be right in the thick of it, making a difference for the betterment of our community and for our state.

  8. Duke was busy typing last night.

  9. Or someone close to Duke

  10. I don't know who is writing the comments, but he might be a good choice. The only names I have heard are his and Jeff Thompson. Still a few months away.

  11. Isnt it funny how the candidate always is pointed out to be the one who posts positive things about himself.


    It wont work this time. I know for a fact that Duke didnt even get home till late because his wifes car had a flat tire, he was taking care of his family!

    Too Funny! and by the way I will be voting for him along with many others.

  12. Any more one Bossier bubba or bubette is the same as the other, and they're all interchangable. Who cares if it's Duke, and I don't know a thing about him, or some other Bossier political hack?

  13. Duke is not a political hack though, Duke has never run for political office before.

  14. Duke Lowrie retired from BCFD with the rank of Captain. He and his wife also own a business.
    He has not run for public office previously as he was in a civil service job.

  15. A novel idea would be to look at the facts instead of being swayed by "anonymous" bloggers.
    As was previously stated, Duke is a retired fireman who knows the meaning of hardwork and sacrifice. He and his wife have built a buisness together (Acadiana Mortgage) and have three beautiful kids. In my opinion, however, he has one quality that usurps all of the others; He is a genuine Believer and is not afraid to take a stand for faith. Go get 'em Duke. I'm behind you all the way.

  16. The talking point of a candidate for legislature being a "family man" or "true believer" are all fine and dandy. I do prefer my elected officials to have good moral qualities about them.

    However, being a taxpayer who is concerned about Louisiana's current financial issues, what are Lowrie's fiscal leanings?

    Does he believe in government handing out public tax dollars to non-profits and other non-governmental organizations? Where does he stand on the current tax structure in Louisiana? Where does he stand in regards to the current structure of Higher Ed in our state?

  17. Ride down the River and arrive at the port. Drive down I-20 and see what Bossier sports (Cyber Center). Then if you want something done, how bout a hunt. If you hunt, do you hunt bird or beaver.

    if you want a deal, then you gotta deal. I you want something done, then you gotta bring bacon.

    Smell what the Rock (big boys) are cooking. They are about to cook up some good ole boys, like bacon.

    Insiders in city and parish orginazations are cooperating fully.

    good ole boys will never see it coming. trap is sprung. everybody gets hung
    some ole song, fat lady has sung

  18. To Nick, if you want to know exactly what Duke stands for, come to his announcement, listen to his speech, feel free to ask him questions after the announcement. Duke is a very approachable man, and is wide open about his stances and beliefs. Just mark on your calendar February 10th at 6 P.M. at the Bossier Civic Center.

  19. Bring a video camera and ask Duke questions and post them online. If you don't like his answers, then others can see the question and answers and decide whether he's worthy.

  20. sure wish he was running against adley - thompson and lowrie in the legislature would make an effective team

  21. http://www.dukelowrie.com/

  22. This Race will be

    Good Ole City Boys helping Jeff


    Good Ole Parish Boys helping Duke

    Either way, a Good Ole Boy wins

  23. Oh. We will see the campaign finance reports to see who is where

    Duke and Jeff are nice guys. What is gonna hurt is the people each one have helping each one of them

    More trouble for us, the common man

  24. Hey, who keeps talking about Hunting Trips.

    You know the good ole boys from here are not the only ones that take hunting trips to west texas, or up north or down south.

    There is a certain mayor in Caddo that takes hunting trips too.

    Let the Water Flow. Deals too.

    You will see soon see what I am taking about.

  25. Do local officials have a code of ethics to follow? Jim, do you know?

    Like taking gifts from people that conduct business with the entity they represent?

  26. Beyond making financial disclosures, not a lot.

  27. Anon at 8:06 the difference between old bossier and bossier establishment will be seen in this race. Those terms are the proper ones to use in descibing this.

  28. anon at 9:15 - you're exactly right.

  29. Did yall see the Inquisitor. They are talking about Hunting Trips

    Ya Know those boys from Bossier take hunting trips too -

    they go north then south then west texas. they hunt pheasant, bird, elk, deer, and Beaver!!!

    Yes - Beaver. Don't tell the wife.

  30. Are you saying if your from bossier and go hunting you do so out of corruption or to cheat on your wife?

    Or are you a treehugger trying to save the animals?

    Thats a bit of a leap dont ya think, what does this have to do with either duke or jeff?

  31. How are the hunting trip's related to the State House district 8 race?

  32. Jeff will probably win this one. He has the machine behind him - Bossier City Hall, New Bossier Marshall will be behind him, etc.

    He has alot of friends with money that will be able to get help from and for him.

    Good Luck Duke, but this one is already decided.

    Its nothing personal - just Bossier Good Ole Boy politics.

  33. oh, and all the posting on this board aint gonna save Duke.

    sorry - Jane wants Jeff not tarzan

    again, nothing personal, im sure you are a nice person, but you aint part of the machine that runs this Parish.

  34. Jim -you should do a blog on term limits and why a person who is currently term limited should not be allowed to run for state legislature by just switching from the senate to house or house to senate.

    we are tired of these same people -
    we need new blood with some brains and morals

  35. Anon at 9:23 So Jane smith is endorsing Jeff and Who is the next marshall who is going to endorse Jeff?

  36. It's February, there ain't no way in hell this race is decided! A new wave in Bossier politics is coming, jump on the train or be left behind!
    The good ole boy, better yet, "yes man", "Chubby" Knight is a perfect example of the corruption that is in the Good Ole Boy system, and you mean to tell me Jeff Thompson is endorsed by these corrupt men? Who you surround yourself with shows your true character. Look who Jeff's people are claiming to have on there side, the same old corrupt crowd! If yall want to see true change in Bossier, start standing up for what you believe in, not in the same old same old crap!

  37. I just laugh everytime I see a new promise to kick a-- at the ballot box - never has happened - never will happen. Bossier pariah gained nearly 20 percent population in he last decade because the so called "good ole boys" provided a great place to live. Did any of you see the most recent school board elections and all the promises to "clean up" the system - didn't happen - last council race - didn't happen - now we have the sherriff's race - not going to happen - this house race - not going to happen. The fact is - other than those that have an agenda - folks in bossier are happy and are proud to live in the safest, most progressive, business friendly, supporter of he military with great schools parish in Louisiana. So all I can say is - bein it on naysayers or move to Caddo - they need the numbers - ha

  38. This race will decide nothing more than if the parish good ole boy system(Duke) is stronger than the city good ole boy system (Jeff). Jane and Adley will win and effectively there will be no change. Our state is short 2 Billion dollars and none of the politicians or candidates have a plan. No one has presented a plan, so we can expect the same ole stuff from the career politicians and the same from the new ones, cause they are cut from the same cloth. No one in this field is a true small government person. And if they claim to be they have no active plan.

  39. Duke has had no chance to present a plan to the public, he hasnt even formally announced that he is running yet!

  40. Funny I thought it WAS a great place before the good ole boys took over and claimed credit for all that makes Bossier great.

    If you call laying off police and fire and not standing behind our public safety, progressive, then you have lost your priorities.

    I would remind you that Jeff had the endorsement of the Sitting Congressman, most of Washington, Paul Carmouche and the Bossier establishment, tell me how that turned out?

    Decided already? I think not.

  41. It's long time to send Jane Smith home. Jeez, is there a camera that woman doesn't like?

  42. Jane likes the camera, the camera does not necessarily like her.

  43. What is the "Good Ole Boy" system. I thought every registered vote could vote for anyone that they want. I think the term "Good Ole Boy" must be the situation when your guy loses.

  44. Blanchard Mayor Hunting Trip on KTBS tonight.

    Told you that was coming. Just like I told you about Bossier Good Ole Boys Hunting trip too.

    People are cooperating....

    See what happens

    And - this has nothing to do with this Race - thanks

  45. Then why did you comment that on this post?

    Go to MyBLanchard.com to comment that stuff.


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