Monday, February 21, 2011

Tea Party Interviews have been posted

Interviews with the candidates for Bossier City Marshal have been posted on the website of the Northwest Louisiana Tea Party Alliance.
You can watch them here.


  1. Carl Richard has the experience to make an outstanding City Marshall. After listening to both interviews, I also especially liked his keeping his pledge to examine the department first to assess the employees and to examine the budget. I understood Wyatt to say he had already asked each employee to stay on the job. There is no way for him to know how they do without having time to work with them first. This, in my opinion, is just to get their votes. I also do not respect someone who gives his word to support another candidate(Austin, in this case) and then changes his mind(Wyatt,in this case) and runs himself. Just not a good way to start out.

  2. I have watched both videos as well. For someone who is supposed to have so much experience, Richard said too many times he does not not what they do. It was obvious that he lied several times. If you are planning on downsizing the department, how can Richard tell marshals their job is safe? If he does not know anything about the Internet Task force, which he admitted, why would Richard tell everyone that he plans on getting rid of it? I thought it was funny how Richard danced around all the times he has been arrested. He admitted the dwi but danced around the two times he has been arrested as a marshal In shreveport. He was not convicted but the police had enough probable cause to arrest him. Richard does have more experience bonding out of jail. He has bonded out three times, the other candidates have never been arrested. Mr. Austin has shown his true colors as well. Mr. Wyatt has my vote.

  3. Not picking sides, but allow me to explain the "safe jobs" statement.

    In my experience speaking with many elected officials on the subject of cutting staff, this is how it seems to work.

    They want to downsize, but not fire anyone, the downsizing is done through attrition, or not replacing those who retire or quit.

  4. Sounds like someone is running scared for his candidate, but resorting to slandering another person only speaks volumes about that person....well, anon at 7:19, opinions are like belly buttons...everybody has one.

  5. I think Richard and Wyatt should be commended for going through the interviews, answering the questions, and having no reason to be a no show. Both explained their visions, and what they would like to do for the Marshal's Office. Differences of opinions is why we have elections.

  6. From what I understand Wyatt has the most knowledge of the Bossier Marshall Office. Cutting jobs in the office is not in Wyatts agenda. It is apparent that his agenda is keeping the Internet Task Force and protecting the public from predators. Serving Bossier Citizens and the court system is what his focus is on. I feel that Wyatt's dedication and loyalty to Bossier City greatly surpasses his opponents. Some are running for office for retirement, others for the prestige. I have been watching this race closely and strongly believe that Wyatt is the best man for the job. Educated, clean family man, with a strong love and committment to Bossier City.

  7. Sam Wyatt is going to make a great City Marshall


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