Friday, February 4, 2011

Here's the Snow

Everything is pretty much shut down in the area right now.  It will get worse later as the temperatures get nearer to freezing and then this stuff refreezes with a low of 22 tonight.
Here are the obligatory videos and pictures.
Stay in if you can and stay safe!


  1. Did it snow in Benton? I guess we missed it here in Central Bossier City.

    I wonder if it snowed in Haughton...

  2. I'm not going to make a Haughton remark. I have a daughter who is seven months pregnant who lives in Haughton. She might hurt me. I'm scared to death of pregnant women.

  3. Well, I tried, but you wouldn't take the bait.

    I guess the snow done turned on the nice guy in ya'.

  4. Well all we got was rain and some sleet. We did have to get out on the road so we could get the cat from the vet. (dont want kittens) It looked safe enough and had friends that had made it to town. We did fine till we got behind a truck going 25. we had been doing 45 with no problems. we I knew a passing lane was coming up so I was patient till an 18 wheeler showed up on my tale. But I decided to wait anyways. as soon as we made the passing lane, I made my move. Oh, it was slick as snot on a door knob, cause noone had made ruts on that side. so I slid back in behind him, cause I had an idea. Let the big truck plow the way. He scared us to death as he splattered us with slush. But once he got by, we had good ruts to go. Once we got to the vet, I was worried about getting up the hill without sliding sideways or making a new car entrance where there was not one in the building. Well needless to say all those years of driving in Alaska helped. On the way home we saw a pickup in the ditch, I think I made a remark about they needed to be more careful, when I noticed to keep my eye on the road I had to look out the passenger side of the windshield. My wife was not to pleased at this point, but I stayed cool and aimed the tires in the right dirction wating and got off the gas (note: in a front wheel drive you are to hit the gas, we have a front wheel drive), patience and God got us straightend back up. I told my wife not to worry, I had everything under control. Her response, then you meant to go sliding down the road sideway? I do know what questions to leave unanswered. Well be safe out there. How interesting that the word verification is rodisms. Aint that what I just talked about.

  5. Great story, Darrell! I think knowing what questions to leave unanswered makes for a happy marriage sometimes.

  6. that damn flip video camera...

  7. "that damn flip video camera..."

    Don't know which of my kids that is, but thanks!

  8. So, your kids post "Anonymously" on your blog?

    Can't say I blame 'em.


  9. Having grown up in Colorado and then marrying a Texan and going on a honeymoon trip through west Texas on black ice... in west Shreveport was a breeze.

    For me, at least. I chose what I thought were the least traveled routes (snow rather than frozen slush) and those with the fewest hills and bridges.

    I am not proud that this storm caught me off guard. Normally I would have been well-stocked with all addictive items, but I really did not expect this one to be this bad.

    So... yeah, I drove today for caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. Oh... and a bit a protein as an afterthought.

    May I just say that I am glad you survived today without an "incident". And since I encountered no 18-wheelers on my travels today, I'm sure it was not you that tail-gated me.

    Speed is never your friend in snow or ice, but distance from any other vehicle on the road is desirable.

    But I am most disturbed by your suggestion that a driver of a front-wheel drive vehicle should "hit the gas"? A typo, perhaps?

    That "advice" is as "good" as "hit the brakes" would be.

  10. Donna, I too lived in Colorado for a good while, and learned well how to handle this stuff.

    But I've got this great story about black ice in Vega, TX. I think I need to write that one out.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Donna, thanks for your comments. As far as tailgating, just because I was behind someone does not mean I was tailgating. I kept plenty of distance. Maybe you have a beef with that other person that was tailgating you. Also, I felt I was going a safe speed for the conditions in my area. As far as the hitting the gas in a skid for a front wheel drive. That was what was taught to us in Alaska 30 years ago and I used it with great success many times while living there. But I did go back and check it out in current manuals and online and they do say now to let off the gas. So I stand corrected there. Thank you, have a nice day.


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