Friday, February 11, 2011

Sammy Wyatt has experience investigating sex crimes

Since Lynn Austin sent out a flyer from Jeff Wyatt pointing out the fact that Johnny Wyatt was so involved in catching child predators (which he was), it is only fitting to point out that as a detective with BCPD Sammy Wyatt did exactly that.  In fact, Lynn Austin hasn't been involved in police work since the early 80's, other than a short stint as interim chief.
Sam Wyatt is probably more qualified just on a technological basis to carry on the work.  To be fair to Carl Richard, I don't know anything of his abilities in this area.


  1. Sammy is one of the best detectives I have ever worked with, not to mention one of the best juvenile detectives. He did a great job at BCPD and does not have two or three retirements along with the good ole boy city of bossier boys behind him.

  2. Does anyone know that the marshall's office has nothing to do with investigating crime - and the sex crimes work - although worthy - had nothing to do with the marshals office - they are a pure civil office and the rest is completely made up missions by a bored city marshall

  3. Bottom line is that the Bossier City Marshals office is a leader in getting online predators off the street as well as a cell phone forensic lab. "bored city marshal", I would like to remember Johnny Wyatt as a genuine innovator that revamped the Marshal's office and stepped it into the future. Wyatt saw a need for something and he acted on it, He did not wait around for someone to do it. Got that Richard

    Sam has the most experience in investigating stuff in this century the other two don't.

  4. Uh. Whoever wins, please put up posters all around town telling us all how great you are and how lucky we are to have you as a Marshall for Bossier City.

    or better yet, abolish the office and save us all some tax money

    we are sick of all these public sector jobs for all these flunkes

    oh, and could whoever wins buy some more city marshall cars to park in the lot at city hall

    what a joke - buy a helicopter too

  5. Anon 8:00pm Couldn't agree more. City and Parish Gov't in Bossier is way too big and outta of control

    Look at the Police Jury Salaries and the trips they take to Washington as an example. they are the next group that need to be voted out

  6. I agree with Feb. 12, 1:16
    Since when does the "City Marshall" investigate crimes. His job is to protect the court, judges and serve civil papers. Leave the criminal investigations to the experts or should the Bossier City Police and the Bossier Sheriff's Department start taking over the City Marshall's job.

  7. Or, have a civil sections of the police department.

  8. Wyatt has experience in the public and private field, plus he did not help screw up a city budget or buy a camaro for a parade car just so he could drive around.

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  10. He was on the pension board that screwed up the city budget. Why his this site no longer mentioned the pension fund?

  11. The pension fund (MPERS) was hurt badly by the purchase of the golf courses. Sam Wyatt opposed that when he was on the MPERS board.
    Again, good try, but you're wrong.

  12. To clarify, Sam Wyatt wasn't on the board when they purchased the golf courses, but he did vote to sell them.
    I did start to research these complicated dealings, that is when I asked Sammy to write a couple of blog posts about MPERS. He was more qualified and informed than I was to do that.
    I do know that at the time he left the board MPERS was in much better shape than it is now.

  13. That fund is worst than ever! It is worst than any other in the state.

  14. Isnt it true that Mike Halphen was the chair of the MPERS board during those decisions?

    Also who did he represent while on that board, the rank and file or the chiefs? Chiefs are all appointed by a mayor who also have a voting member from the LMA on the board.

    But we should all believe Lo and David Jones when they say that the problems with the pension systems are due to the rank and file.
    The day will be here soon when that finger is going to get pointed back at you, keep pointing boys!

  15. The Marshal's Office is not a purely civil office. In that case they would not have arrest powers nor be La P.O.S.T. Certified like every other police officer in the state. As far as the child predator thing, the task force is in fact staffed by Deputy Marshals who also serve regular duties. Also on that task for is a F.B.I. agent,city officer, and Sheriff's Deputies from the surrounding parishes. So it was option 1-No Task Force, option 2, Marshals office take charge and make it happen. I apologize for the fact that these "flunkes" as you refer are taking the initiative to keep your children safe. People amaze me with all this trash talk. Absolute nut's walking the street's. By the way it's not the "public sector jobs" at any law enforcement agency in your city thats the problem. It's the mis management of money before it ever hit's a budget.

  16. Being POST certified only means you attended a police academy, and having arrest powers only means an oath of office card has been filed with the Secretary of State. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of folks running around who are POST certified with full police powers whose job has nothing to do with putting bad guys in jail. For instance, every employee of a sheriff's office is POST certified and has arrest powers, but their duties may include working in the civil office, filing records, collecting fines, working corrections, working as dispatchers, bailiffs, seretaries, etc. Even the garage mechanic is POST certified and has full arrest powers, but his job is to work on cars, not put bad guys in jail. The same goes for deputy marshals. It sounds like a great job, but their purpose, function, duties, etc., has nothing to do with criminal law enforcement.


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