Sunday, July 13, 2008

Air Force Cyber Command: The Air Force

This is the proposed badge future cyber operators will wear to identify themselves in the array of personnel in the service. The basic badge features lightning bolts to signify the cyberspace domain, center bolts taken from the navigator badge and the Air Force seal, and orbits to signify cyberspace's space-related mission elements. Variations will identify the wearer's certification levels. The badge and the rules for wearing it are under review by the air staff.
Operators are officers and enlisted members who plan, direct and execute offensive and defensive actions. Specialists are enlisted communications and information personnel who specialize in technical aspects of cyberspace. Analysts are officers and enlisted intelligence personnel with the technical foundations to support cyberspace operations. Developers are primarily officers and some enlisted personnel with advanced skills for designing and modifying software and hardware packages.
Specifics for analysts and developers should be outlined in coming months, Cyber Command says. The changes will affect about 30,000 active-duty members and about 2,000 guard and reserve forces now performing cyber-related duties.

There have been numerous questions surrounding the process of determining a location for the AFCYBER command. This link provides a synopsis of how this process is working.

The big question locally is whether Barksdale AFB will get the designation as permanent home of Air Force Cyber Command and whether this will mean thousands of jobs as we were told by local and state leaders when $100,000,000 of our tax dollars were dedicated to creating the Cyber Innovation Center.
Currently the Command is a virtual command spread out over the country.
All information is from the Air Force Cyber Command Website.

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