Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A 'back door' link to Jeff Thompson's individual contributions

Charlie at The Old River Road blog sent us this link to individual contributions for Jeff Thompson. Thanks, Charlie.
The way we have accessed federal contributions is by going to, then clicking on Louisiana on the 'house and senate' map on the main page, clicking on the 4th District and then checking each individual. This 'front door' approach still doesn't yield results for Jeff Thompson's individual contributions, although it does list those of the other candidates.

I received this email from the Thompson campaign:
Perhaps you have a problem with the computer or the FEC had a glitch, because I went straight to the report and found it with no trouble. Here's a link for you:
The FEC has changed the way it posts reports from years past, and it takes a little getting used to. To download the reports you first have to download a program. If you view the reports, there are links in blue that take you to various sections of the report.

By following the link, you can view Thompson's individual contributions, but only his. The campaign should get in touch with the FEC and find out why these contributions aren't posted along with those of all the other candidates on the main site at Apparently the FEC does have a glitch and it could cause problems for Thompson's campaign.

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