Friday, July 25, 2008

Chesapeake: Fortress Management does not represent us

People in Mansfield just learned that the check may not be in the mail. More than 400 people in DeSoto Parish who believe that they will recieve a check for at least $24,000 next month may be disappointed. Fortress Management, a Shreveport company led a 'revival style' meeting on July 17th that was attended by up to 1,000 Mansfield residents and promised payments from Chesapeake Energy.
"Fortress Management does not represent Chesapeake Energy Corporation. It is not an authorized representative of Chesapeake," said J. Kevin McCotter, Chesapeake's Louisiana corporate development director.
Tom Turnbow, Jr of Fortress Management said that they are authorized by Chesapeake, through an arrangement with OKKI Industries of Oklahoma.

Read the complete article in The Times


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