Friday, July 18, 2008

Taser Used on Wright, Brolin Pepper-Sprayed in Shreveport Arrest

Shreveport Police are not releasing any video or audio in their possession involved in the arrest of "W" actors last weekend.
"It hasn't been authorized for release by (Police Chief Henry Whitehorn) yet," Cpl. Rob Elliott, public information officer for the department, said Thursday, adding that it's an ongoing investigation.
"And I have no idea when the investigation will wrap up."
Police arrested Brolin, Wright and five crew members of the Oliver Stone movie "W." on misdemeanor charges after one member of the group, later identified as Eric Felland, caused a disturbance at the Stray Cat and refused to leave the bar.
At some point during their arrests, a Taser was used on Wright and Wright and Brolin were sprayed with pepper spray after ignoring orders, police said.

From The Times

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