Thursday, July 17, 2008

Haynesville Shale: Obscure law strips owners of rights

The very latest on the Haynesville Shale involves an obscure law that strips owners of mineral rights. These families bought their property in south Caddo Parish believing they owned those mineral rights. Now, they're looking for answers and help.Property owner Jody Kirkpatrick told us, "we have found out that we do not own our mineral rights." That potentially cost Kirkpatrick and his father 108-thousand dollars in bonus lease money they had expected for the natural gas two miles below their feet and locked inside rock called 'shale,' in this case the Haynesville Shale.
The land described in 'Act 202' lies just north of Colquitt Road west of Shreveport. This obscure 1924 law that gives the state of Louisiana the mineral rights for 320 acres in this Keithville area apparently now affects about 130-property owners.
Obscure state law strips owners of mineral rights.

Full story and video from Channel 12 here

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  1. The law doesn't "strip" the residents of their rights, because the residents never owned them. To "strip" implies that the residents owned the rights and the State usurped them.


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