Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday America: A Bunch of Spoiled, Whiny Brats

Pravda, the propaganda arm of the Russian government, is busy doing what it does best - bashing the United States

Happy Birthday America: A Bunch of Spoiled, Whiny Brats
There are fundamental flaws not in the constitutional construct of the United States but in the people who are occupying positions in at least two of the three branches of the US government. Americans are crying about gas prices. A pity they can’t buy as many hot dogs or beers at the baseball stadium. They need to adjust and adapt. Americans have always been told that they are the best at everything, so why aren’t they? Americans are not entitled to anything more than the rest of the world. Do they want education systems, roads, bridges and levees that function properly? Well then they need to stop whining about taxes and pay up or make those who pay nothing pull their weight.

John McCain, senility America’s loss of the Pacific
Senility and politics are a pathetic mix. There is no better example of this than Republican presidential hopeful Senator John McCain. In a recent campaign speech, billed as a major foreign policy statement, McCain seemed to think that he was breaking news when he declared: “Russia and the United States are no longer mortal enemies!” After half a dozen interruptions by hecklers opposed to the Iraq war, he was finally allowed to expound on this new pearl of wisdom. “As our two countries possess the overwhelming majority of the world’s nuclear weapons, we have a special responsibility to reduce their number. I believe we should reduce our nuclear forces to the lowest level we judge necessary, and we should be prepared to enter into a new arms control agreement with Russia reflecting the nuclear reductions I will seek.”
Such noble sentiments, about a decade past due, are still shocking coming from this heretofore clueless old man.

Russia stands up for new world without America
Medvedev has made a timely statement of Russia’s aspiration to become the new economic and political center in the world. The economic isolation of the USA inevitably makes many countries look for new centers of gravity. The concept of building the new economy without America, but with the help of Russia’s growing influence, may seem to be quite alluring to many. The development of USA’s internal economic problems into the global crisis may lead to significant changes in the structure of the world economy. As a result, new centers of gravity may turn out to be successful.

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