Saturday, July 19, 2008

Carmouche: More $$$$ on hand than Republican Candidates

In the 4th district congressional race, Paul Carmouche has more cash on hand than any of the Republican candidates, and has no debt at all. The three Republican candidates have a combined total of almost a million dollars in debt.
Carmouche reports $388,774 on hand, while Chris Gorman reported $352,427. Dr. John Fleming has $358,582 and Jeff Thompson $200,322.
Many blogs are reporting that Chris Gorman is the leading fundraiser, and that is true if you consider loaning your own campaign money to be 'fundraising'.
The same is true for Dr. Fleming.
Paul Carmouche is the only candidate of these four who has no debt at all - and he is also the candidate who has raised the most from outside contributions.

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