Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Barbara Norton, The Inquisitor and the Infinity to Understand

Danny Lawler at The Inquisitor gives us a report about State Representative Barbara Norton’s shameful behavior at the African American History Parade earlier this month. The Inquisitor obtained police video of the incident as well as eyewitness accounts of what transpired as police officers began to check drivers of vehicles in the parade, as required by city law.
The law was passed a few years ago when a child was hit by a float being pulled by a vehicle driven by a person who was intoxicated.
Being the ‘public official’ that she is, apparently Norton thought the law didn’t apply to her, and began making racial slurs at the officers, according to reports, calling one white officer a white motherfucker and a black officer, Kevin Anderson, an ‘Uncle Tom’.
There is a lot more to the story, but you’ll have to buy The Inquisitor to read it.
I thoroughly searched Channel 3, Channel 6, Channel 12 and The Times and there is no mention whatever of the incident.
I wonder why?
I did find the video below on Channel 3’s website from January. Gerry May interviewed Ms. Norton about Black History Month and the parade. She said that the purpose is “to teach our children and grandchildren about who they are, where they came from, and to give them the infinity to understand that others can do, and also that they can do it too.”
The infinity to understand? Now what the hell does that mean?


  1. Danny lawler is as criminal as the ones he writes about. He is a common thug controlled by a powerful political family that looks to control all that it can. Jim, maybe you should research Danny's dealings with the DA and editorial protection he affords him and his office before you go to patting his back. Bet you can't find one negative article on Schuyler Marvin. Maybe its because Schuyler is such the great DA. NOT!!

  2. Anon@5:11pm: Danny Lawler isn't a public official and the story Jim wrote about were the facts about Norton's behavior. Where did Schuyler come into this article? I'm confused??

  3. I was treated fairly by Lawler in a case that involved the DA's office. Be that as it may, he did report this when no one else would.

  4. Anon at 5:32: The DA's office seems to come up in a lot of comments on this blog :-)

  5. The fact is she acted an ass and he reported on it when nobody else did. This is hurricane Chris's "God-Momma" (or some crap like that). What you give is what you get. People should be more careful during elections to keep trash like her out.

  6. Speaking of the DA's office....Again- people should be more careful during elections. Pride in the job puts perfection in the work :-)

  7. Hey Jim,

    Good post and good reporting by The Inquisitor. It never ceases to amaze me when people (especially public figures) get by with the crap. It doesn't matter whether they are white or black - her conduct is unforgivable for a public figure.

    I posted a link to your article on my FB wall, and I will tweet about it from my blog.

  8. Thanks Rex, I appreciate the link. I do keep up with you on your blog and on Twitter. I'll look for you on Facebook.

  9. "The infinity to understand?" That means that those kids are in a bunch of trouble if Barbara is in charge of "infinity training."

    I really had not read much about this until you mentioned it. I shall pick up The Inquisitor tomorrow.

    But, things like this do not surprise me.

  10. Her behavior is typical of politicians. All are above the law.
    Jim, whatever happened to the Bossier School Board and the felons that were walking the schools working or billing for ac work that was not done. I mean, do you expect us to believe that Air Repair guys and the school baord were not in cahoots? I bet a deal was made between the board and the DA's office. Have you looked into that? Nothing has happened, no one had gotten in trouble for this. Please update us.

  11. at least ya'll know how to spell marvin's name right

  12. Obviously, Mrs. Norton is not very well-spoken, and she meant to say "affinity" rather than "infinity". She also said "showed on KTBS" rather than "shown on KTBS". But I would be likely to make similar mistakes if I were to be interviewed on TV. What I am concerned about is the reports that she went postal at police trying to do their jobs. Why was she not arrested? Were they afraid they would be fired like those who charged Sentell with public intimidation?

  13. You've all missed it. Listen closely as she talks to Gerry May. She said the "incentitive" as opposed to incentive. Still not the King's English but a more common grammatical mistake.
    That doesn't excuse her racist comments toward both SPD officers which should be used to trounce her from office.

  14. How this public official hasn't been arrested or has remained in office eludes me. This is the problem in the United States today, reverse discrimination. Rep. Barbara Norton is a racist. She proved that with her actions and comments towards members of the Shreveport Police Department. She also personified a mentality expressed by blacks today, in that, we, the blacks are not subject to any law. We are above the law. Another prime example is the case down in Mansfield, La with Martha Jones, ex-Director of the Council on Aging. Why is it that if we whites were to have a United Cracker Fund or a white version of the ACLU, they would be considered, and should be considered racist. I would say that there are huge numbers of white cells forming to take our country back but that would be inciting violence. What I know to be true is that God has a way of taking and giving. It was one thing to give the black race the same equalities as whites. But it is another when the pendilum swings too far the other way. This is a message to the Black race, God is watching, and he isn't happy with what he sees your race doing. Beware, the wrath of God will be upon you soon.

  15. Interesting article, added his blog to Favorites


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