Friday, February 5, 2010

Bossier City Firefighter arrested

News Release from Bossier Parish Sheriff

A Bossier City firefighter was arrested Thursday evening for terrorizing, cyber stalking and improper telephone communication, said Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen. He also has a warrant out of Webster Parish for domestic abuse battery.
David Allen Desadier, 39, who has been living in the Lakewood subdivision of Bossier City but has a listed address in Doyline, was taken into custody in Shreveport by the Shreveport Police Department and the Bossier Sheriff’s Department. His arrest comes after he beat up his ex-wife in Doyline several days ago and began sending her threatening text and phone messages in recent days. Bossier Sheriff’s investigators say, in one message, he told her she needed to be thinking about picking out caskets for their kids—6-year-old twin girls.
The Bossier Sheriff’s Department issued a B.O.L.O. (be on the lookout) for Desadier at about 4:45 yesterday afternoon. Around 5:30, Bossier Sheriff’s deputies were able to locate Desadier’s empty vehicle at Academy Sports on Bert Kouns Industrial Loop at I-49, thanks to information provided by other Bossier City firefighters. When Desadier returned from the store to his truck, he was arrested. Bossier Sheriff’s investigators say at least one weapon, a semi-automatic pistol, was found in the vehicle.
Desadier was transported to the Shreveport City Jail, then transferred to the Bossier Maximum Security Facility and booked, with his bond set at $205,000.
His girls were not harmed.


  1. It seems with all the charges against police and fire posted on your blog, they're really just weeding themselves out for the budget cut.

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  3. I know this family personaly, the sad part is nobody is asking about the twins. They have seen the beatings, cussings, an so fourth. It is a sad thing that is happening with all this, He needs help mentally those kids need help tp deal with what they have seen an heard, the ex wife needs help to deal with all that she has been through an to be able to help those girls as well. I just truly hope that David can get the help he needs, he was a great medic an fireman before he got sick. Its truly sad it had to come to this for this family. Please pray for the ex wife an twins. Also please pray that he can get the treatment he needs to be a good man again.........

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  5. Anonymous,
    aparently you have only listened to what Melissa has said. She got pissed and made up these allegations against me after i gained temporary custody of my Twins because she was sending half naked pics to a 16 year old boy, leaving the twins with someone that she had put in our divorce papers that they couldn't be with, my ex girlfriend who melissa couldn't stand. Melissa and i also where still having a sexual relationship up until Jan. 21,2010i gained custody of the twins on Jan. 29th,2010 and she filed these false allegations against me. The problem is that no one knows my side of the story i was rushed to judgement. When all is said and done the people that were behind this will get there's by a greater power than what's on this Earth.
    David A. Desadier

  6. One more thing i'm not sick at all!!! I have been cleared by 4 physcologist and don't have any mental disorder besides a vendictive ex wife that needs to be evaluated. Maybe people need to look into her background and see what see is up to i promise you they will be suprised. Getting drunk and partying every weekend and leaving the twins with god knows who cause i haven't seen them since 4/18/10. now i have a right in this country they call the land of the free. just sit back and watch this unfold.

  7. All charges were Nolle Process by the DA. Because there was no evidence of her allegations.


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