Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Machete Wielding Bandit in Bossier Max

A machete wielding bandit held up the Family Dollar Store on East Texas Street in Bossier City last night. He demanded, and got, $20 from the cashier and then ran away.
Colby Seth Friedman was arrested by Bossier City police this morning and charged with the crime. He is a guest at Bossier Max. The Times reported that his bond is set at $2,000,000, but the Sheriff's website says $200,000, which seems more realistic. Colby is no stranger to Bossier Max, having visited on prior occasions.
At one point he was charged and fined for battery on a corrections officer in Bossier Parish.


  1. Hopefully they'll lock him up for a good long while.

    Oh, and it would be smart for the Family Dollar Store owner to pack some heat.

  2. Is he from Haughton by any chance?

  3. He's from Shreveport, comes from a very good family. There must be drugs involved, hard to understand otherwise.

  4. Did Colby have a permit to carry his machete? If he did, then the poleese are wrong for arresting him.

    Lurker, you are obviously in favor of the 2nd Amendment. Shame on you! I mean, how sad would it have been for this poor, misunderstood long-knife dude if he got mowed down in his youth by some wretched capitalist? Huh?

  5. thank God he wasn't from Haughton. LOL


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