Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Bossier Fire Station Opens

Channel 6 Reporter Karen Hopkins reports on her blog, Shreveport Bossier News, that Bossier City has opened the new fire station. During the budget discussions last fall, the viability of this station and a new one planned in East Bossier was called into question.
The Bossier City riverfront attracts thousands each day to casinos and the boardwalk. Now the city, struggling with a major budget shortfall, is investing millions to keep you safe. . .
The station is high tech, and the largest in Bossier City. It’s a huge improvement from the old station. The fire chief says it could save lives.

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  1. Jim, thanks for the heads-up on Karen Hopkins' blog. I don't know the ins and outs of whether the Station should have had the money spent to build it.

    But, I love me some Fire Firghters...I hope it makes their days (and nights), and their jobs a little easier.

  2. Spelled "Fighters" WRONG! Sometimes, I'm just wrong...sigh...

  3. Firefighters are under-appreciated, that's for sure. Bossier City/Parish and Shreveport have excellent Fire Departments and everyone should realize that they are only as good as the people who man (and woman) them.

  4. Ah, This is perfect! Clears up
    some misnomers I've seen

  5. Ah, This is spot on! Clarifies
    many contradictions I've seen


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