Friday, February 5, 2010

Patriot Fan Fitzy's Super Bowl Conversation

Funny! Take 6 minutes out of your day and get a laugh.


  1. I wasted about 2 minutes of my life and then I stopped it. Wasn't funny to me. But then, in the first place, I was hesitant to click on some man who wears his baseball cap turned backwards, cock-sucker style.

  2. Andy here, posting as Anon...(my Google account is temporarily inoperable).

    The first Anon doesn't know what he missed. Man, that was hilarious! Seriously!

    Near the end when he calls for "Let's Go Saints," and instructs on the proper spelling just cracked me up.

    And, the phone call was choice. A perfect balance of "good Manning/bad Manning" beating down a perp... Good one, Jim.

    Sure put a smile on my ugly old face this evening.

  3. Your Gooble, sorry, Google account is inoperable! Imagine that!

  4. Heh! Good one!

    Jim, I got it back up and running. It's a conspiracy...I'm sure of it!

    To restate the obvious...that vid just slayed me...

    I guess you gotta understand the pure hatred of a Pat fan towards Indy. Some anons just don't get it.


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