Thursday, February 25, 2010

Man charged in home invasion has internet presence

Ricardo Palos, who was arrested by a Bossier Parish Sheriff's Deputy this morning in the home invasion referred to in the last two blog posts, has quite an internet presence.
On My Space, he introduces himself to us:
• Status: Single
• Here for: Networking, Friends
• Hometown: 2718 S. Homan
• Orientation: Straight
• Body type: More to love!
• Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic
• Religion: Catholic
• Zodiac Sign: Taurus
• Children: Proud parent
• Drink: Yes
• Education: Some college
• Occupation: carnicero
• Income: Less than $30,000
For education, he lists:
• Latino Youth Alternative Hs
o Chicago, IL
o Graduated: N/A
o Student status: Alumni
o Degree: High School Diploma
1991 to 1994
Under companies he lists:
• Los cuatro Hermanos
o Springdale, Arkansa US
o President
And finally, this:
About me:
Born and Raised in Chicago currently living in Arkansas work with pops and moms in the grocery store proud father of two boys and four girls love them all with all my heart i am very proud of were i come from were i was raised the brothers in the hood lots of love.
And I'll bet those brothers in the hood are proud of him too, ganging up with two other thugs and tying up a 68 year old woman and robbing her.
Mr. Palos has come a long way from that Chicago hood - or has he?
He is also on Black Planet.
You can check out pictures of the family store in Springdale on Flickr.


  1. Yeah, this guy is a real piece of work. Can they put these guys under the jail?

    I wonder who is gonna take care of his 6 children. Sheesh...

  2. I'll bet that he has a record as long as your arm too.

  3. Andy, you don't have to wonder who is going to take care of his children. The taxpayers--we are all a bunch of suckers.

  4. The FBI picked up some more people involved in this case in Ark today....

  5. He's a douchebag.....

  6. I bet Schuyler Marvin will cut a deal with them unfortunately. He just dosn't have much for trial lawyers working for him. Most of the assistants were hired to help him win votes and influence people.

  7. This guy move to Arkansas to get out of the gang life in Chicago for himself and his family---but he shits up his life by invading a poor old low can you get!!! and then he calls himself catholic, no morals Ricardo Palos, taking with him his family her sister Erika Palos (spending time in jail) while having a new born to take care of. I hope he spends a good time in jail!!!

  8. Fuck all you bitches leaving comments tlkng out the side of your mouth talkng shit on the internet what kind of shit is that pussys king love in da house Fuck da police

  9. He and his friends took me to the cleaners here in Springdale. He's already back here and nobody here will do a damn thing about getting my money or any of the other people they have scammed here justice. My medical bills after I filed a lawsuit, broke me and my family.

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