Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Counterfeiting Ring Busted in Bossier

According to the Bossier Sheriff's Department, Charles Bradford, 47, of Bossier City, was charged as the alleged mastermind of a counterfeiting ring. Bossier City Police and the U S Secret Service also took part in the roundup.
Bradford is wanted in at least five states for similar counterfeiting schemes and a parole violation.
Also arrested on forgery charges in connection with the counterfeit ring are Jessie Robert Monzon, 21, of Shreveport; Tamer Mohammad Musallam, 23, of Bossier City; Eric Andrew Kirsch, 35, of Haughton; Lewis E. Milem III, of Haughton; Amber Kay Sturgeon, 24, of Haughton; Larry Christoph Gillespie, 34, of Haughton, Rashawn Jamal Lawrence, 23, of Haughton; Kaylin Rashun Jenkins, 22, of Shreveport; Jenny Marie Jackson, 30 of Bossier City; Randy Lamar Funderburk, 38, of Haughton; Sonja Luretha Davis, 40, of Haughton; Jason Joshua Funderburk, 36; and Kelly Davidson, 40, of Shreveport.

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