Sunday, February 21, 2010

Important Announcement: I'm now a Community Activist

I really enjoy blogging, but I feel led to a higher calling. From now on, I want to be referred to as a ‘Community Activist’.
Shreveport has a few of those, but I just can’t really find a good one in Bossier. I’m willing to assume the mantle.
There are qualifications to consider. Community Activists seem to be loud, obnoxious, make people angry and get in the news. I can do those things, some would tell you that I am supremely qualified. Unlike one local activist, I did not serve time in prison for bank robbery before finding Jesus and becoming a Community Activist. My preparations for the job are much more modest.
Another thing that attracts me to it is that you can say almost anything you want with impunity. Shreveport Community Activist and State Representative Barbara Norton recently cussed out the SPD at a parade downtown. I feel like that is the Community Activist coming out in her, not the state rep. If that were the case, then Jane Smith and Henry Burns would be doing the same thing.
I’m going to try it out. The next time I see a Benton PD car roll by, I’m going to wave them down and give them a piece of my mind. I will inform them that they can’t do anything about it, considering that I am now a Community Activist. If that works, I’ll try it out next week in Bossier City.
Now just being one of Bossier’s premier bloggers is great, but we’re not all called to be Community Activists. My blogging buddy Andy is another premier Bossier blogger, but he is on a much greater mission. Andy is taking on The Gooble. He’ll even be selling T-Shirts.

I’m thinking that while Andy takes on the internet giants, I’ll handle things here at home. Next time you have a beef, call me. I’ll be available to speak (for a small fee of course).


  1. We certainly need more people in the state house like Ms. Norton. She is a credit to her district and to the state. Not only is she active in her community but is somewhat of a social director for the legislature. Her godson is quiet the rapper.

  2. I guess you think this is funny. its not!

    You would be friends with Andy. You're both the same. Racists! Why dont you ever pick on white people?

    Because your a racis. Barbara Norton is a fine woman, and representative. She is not afraid to call out athority when neccesarie.

    I have read that Andy clowns blog, too. You are two of a kind. Facist! I mean, Racist!

  3. Anon, glad you enjoy the blog and I know Andy feels the same. It is readers like you that inspire me to reach for greater heights, even the lofty position of Community Activist.

  4. Their right, you are a nazi

  5. ooooooooh! A community activist!

    Community activism is a great career!

    Are you laying groundwork for the presidency?

    gonna tap into some of the feddle grant money?


  6. Heh!

    "Community Activists seem to be loud, obnoxious, make people angry and get in the news. I can do those things, some would tell you that I am supremely qualified."

    Yep, ya' got them qualifications down good, Jimbo! Nyuk!

    Norton's a real piece of work, for sure. I guess I'm ignorant on the "Come to Jesus" activist. But, I have a great friend who did have a REAL "Come to Jesus" moment in prison. (I'll have to e-mail you his story, and internet updates on his ministry. btw, he's big, and black, and is married to a white gal...but don't tell nobody, okay?). He's still preaching the gospel after about 15 years...and can't stand "Community Activists." So, I guess you'll be on his "dookie list" now. But, I won't "out" you. Trust me.

    Thanks for the link, Jim. Yeah, I've really got The Gooble quaking in they boots! And, thanks for the pre-release pub on my upcoming evil capitalist T-shirt venture.

    There shall be a little extra in your check this week...

    Anon at 11:18, I'm pretty sure you're the same Anon I have a special message for when I get back over to my place in a minute.

    Jim, keep us updated on the progress of your new career. I think you be on to sumpin' here...

  7. Hey, did you know that Barbara Norton is getting the "Pantz on the ground" guy to speak to the kids in headstart. Just to show them how to make it in todays world.

  8. Anon, I appreciate your input, but any mention of 'Barbara Norton' and 'pants on the ground' in the same sentence isn't allowed on this blog . . . .

  9. "I guess you think this is funny. its not!"

    Anon, you're so right. It's not funny. As a matter of fact it's a shame, but if the reports are correct the only racist in this matter is Barbara Norton herself.

    She has disgraced her office not only in the Hurricane Chris fiasco, but in this matter as well. Had any white representatives acted in the manner that Barbara Norton was reported to have acted, I think you would not stop hearing the ranting and screaming until someone was crucified. And even if they were crucified, that wouldn't be enough, Revive and Crucify again.

    Jim, as for being a community activist, may be you can work your way up to community organizer. With credentials like that who know where you may end up. Just don't set your sights on the White House, I think you have too much experience for that.

    Keep speaking the truth!

  10. Jim, you are our "Conscience" speaking where it needs to speak. Keep up the good work.


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