Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Deanna Candler to announce for District D council seat tonight

Blogger/student Deanna Candler will formalize her plans to run for Shreveport City Council District D tonight at 6PM.
She published an invitation on her blog:
If you live in District D go out and meet her tonight at 6 at Cantina Laredo on Youree Drive. All are welcome and refreshments will be served!


  1. She said Parker Ward was too inexperienced to seek an office but what makes her better than Ward? He was elected to a political office of Caddo Libertarian Party Chair and what is Mrs. Candler??? A blogger??? I think she does not need to run until she is elected to an executive position like Mr. Ward excuse Chairman Ward. He is an executive of the Libertarian Party of Caddo Parish.

    By the way I support Parker Ward

  2. I was elected two years ago to represent the entire 4th Congressional District at the Lousiana State Republican Convention, where I served on the Credientials Committee. While there I was elected by my fellow delegates to represent Louisiana at the Republican National Convention.
    I have also interend with Senator Vitter in DC and Congressman Fleming locally.

    Is that good enought for you?

    I said Parker wasn't ready yet, and I stand by that. He needs to graduate high school and get some more experience in real life. I applaud his passion and drive, but Mayor is a big job, and I think you do need more experience for that than Council. I tried to convince him to run for council first and he chose not to.
    I wish him luck, but logically know that he will not win this election.

  3. Mrs. Candler,
    How can you sit there and say that. Parker is a good person with a great heart. We do not want a career politician like your precious Bryan Wooley to be our leader. We want someone who has not been corrupted by the political machines. All the other candidates are career politicians who as Mr. Ward say “Put party over principals” I do not want Glover, Burrell, Wooley, or Cox representing me. I want Parker Ward. A man of true faith in the Almighty and a minister of His Word. I believe that right their disserves him some credit.
    Mrs. Candler, We do not have corruption but honesty. We want to throw all the bums out this year and even on a local level. You say Parker will not win, I believe deep down inside he will be our next Mayor and Cedric and Bryan will be out of a job.

    The only clear choice we have!

  4. James, I think Parker definitely will have a voice in the community in the future. Realistically, in a mayor's race that I believe will come down to Cedric Glover and Bryan Wooley, he will only pull a small fraction of the vote.
    I do admire his spunk and drive, however.
    Deanna, glad you commented. I look forward to keeping up with all the city races this year. Good luck!

  5. Deanna,
    I want to congratulate you on your announcement. I wish you good luck on your campaign and I am pulling for you.

  6. jesus, all these young people throwing away their lives. can't someone stage an intervention?

    parker, deanna, please, for all of our sakes, consider using your talents for something worthwhile.

  7. Thank you Parker, like I said, I wish you all the best, and I would not be upset at all if you did win, and would be happy to work with you as our Mayor. The youth of this city must work together, not tear each other down. Good luck, and God Bless.

  8. Deanna you have softened your stance on Parker. Can you defend your statements on your blog?

    Parker, you know I don't support you, After your 5 party changes in as many months, your attacks on GOP PEC members, and your complete immaturity, anyone who voted for you would be crazy. If you want to "campaign" do it somewhere else, I have readers who actually care about something other than the ramblings of a attention hungry political wannabe.

  9. I was upset at Parker at the time for statements that he had made about a friend of mine. I was harsher than I should have been, and have deeply regretted my actions since then.
    I tried to get Examiner to take down my comment, but they would not.
    Liek I said, the youth of this city need to work together, not tear each other down. I respect Parker's passion and convictions and I wish him well.
    I still do not think he will win, but I have been very disapointed by the lack of positive response that his run has gotten. People are blasting him for trying at all- which I think is wrong. We should be glad that there are youth willing to take a risk, willing to try to make a difference. So what if he is a long shot? That doesn't mean he shouldn't try.


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