Monday, June 7, 2010

Jake Toloso to announce for Shreveport City Council

Jacob “Jake” Toloso on Tuesday June 8, 2010 at 4:00pm will announce his candidacy for Shreveport City Council District “C” at Shreveport’s Duck Pond Park near the Northernmost parking lot. Reception following at Deli Tini 520, East Kings Highway Suite 106.
Toloso, an Independent, began campaigning door to door earlier this spring to learn further his neighbors concerns for their district and city. In that time he has also met with many small business owners throughout District “C” and has heard the needs of those who help fuel our local economy. From property standards and Shreveport’s aging water system to start up hurdles and taxes, many issues have been discussed.
Jake, a life long resident of Shreveport and Bossier City, lives in the Broadmoor Terrace Neighborhood. He is a member of the Captain Shreve Neighborhood Association.
As the City Councilman from District “C”, it shall be Toloso’s business to: Quell Urban Blight, Promote Small Business Development and Growth, Practice Budget Sustainability, Encourage Modern Zoning, Develop Dynamic City Ordinances, Expand Recycling & Pursue Other Green Initiatives, Establish a Dog Park and Continue Crime Reduction and Officer Support.
Running as an Independent, Jake Toloso plans to build a new type of local politics that leaves partisan bickering no place at the table. It is Jake’s view that for far to long voters have had to choose between the two major parties being left with no other options. As an Independent, Jake will be able to work from the common ground where most Shreveporters and Americans can be found.
For more information on Jake Toloso’s Campaign for Shreveport City Council District “C”, please visit or E-mail Jake at


  1. from -- "It is my goal to work within city government as well as with local businesses and charities to bring a dog park to the citizens and pups of Shreveport.".

    Right. I'm sorry... and we are supposed to take you seriously? I almost fell out of my chair in realizing this is step 8 in your 8-point campaign pitch. What a sweet boy you are - the city of Shreveport would rip you apart like.... well.... an angry pitbull at a dogpark.

  2. Dano, did you just kick a puppy??

  3. Jim,

    I know this has nothing to do with Jake Toloso running for Shreveport City Council, but have you heard that Buddy Leach has nominated Foster Campbell to Obama's commission to investigate the oil spill?

    What slays me is how Foster can blast the oil and gas industry and makes a handsome sum from the well on his property at the same time. If you look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary, I'm certain Foster Campbell's picture will be beside the entry for the word.

    I'm not making light of the horrible oil spill. It makes me sick. But what sickened me even more was how Foster said he would accept the nomination if chosen and then said that he was for the moratorium on drilling, because the coast is more important than just one oil well. I guess he doesn't realize that the average person knows more than he thinks, but doesn't the potential lieutenant governor candidate realize that the moratorium effects more that just "one" oil well?

    Foster, I know you'll answer this entry under anonymous. Please explain how only this one oil well comment?


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