Monday, November 1, 2010

Forget You, David Melville

I felt good about David Melville when he announced that he was running for congress. I like John Fleming pretty well, but I always think that some competition is a good thing. I particularly liked Melville’s promise to bring a more reasonable, less partisan tone to the table. At one point I even emailed Andy and told him I was considering endorsing Melville on My Bossier. 
My Bad.
This morning I received this press release in the email.
  • There will be an endorsement event on Monday morning at the headquarters of David Melville for US Congress. A large group of current and former elected officials will join Sen. Mary Landrieu, former Governors Kathleen Blanco and Buddy Roemer, and former Bossier City Mayor George Dement in support of David Melville.  Tentative attendees include Mayor Cedric B. Glover, State Representatives Barbara Norton and Patrick Williams, former legislator Billy Montgomery, Bossier City Councilman Jeffery Darby, and Bossier Parish School Board member Sandra Darby.
Quite an event, but wait a minute.
Barbara Norton?
Norton’s shameful behavior at the African American History Parade earlier this year should be enough to make any respectable person run from her, much less invite her to a media event for an endorsement.
I won’t even go into the Hurricane Chris episode, which was mostly funny if embarassing.
No, I’m referring to Norton’s behavior earlier this year at the parade when she was caught on video, incensed at having to obey the law regarding drivers of vehicles in the parade, turning her anger on police officers who were attempting to enforce that law.
Norton called one white officer a white motherfucker and a black officer, Kevin Anderson, an Uncle Tom.  And now the candidate who claims to be encouraging a more reasonable public discourse has invited her to his headquarters and is soliciting her endorsement?
I have a number of friends (and four family members) who are police officers, and if I didn’t denounce this I couldn’t look them in the eye.
I’ll stick with the good guys.
Forget you David Melville. Apparently you’re just another political hack who will do anything to get a few votes.


  1. I'm not surprised that Buddy is endorsing fambly. But, I am surprised at Dement, Corch Montgomery, and Jeff.

    I'm not surprised that they're behind Melville, but I am surprised that they're making a public endorsement.

    Clearly, should Melville pull off an upset, we will once again have a Rep. that is in the minority, with ZERO chance of influencing policy.

    For a guy that wants to build bridges, Melville has really screwed up by inviting Babs. It'd be like Fleming inviting David Duke in my book.

  2. Barbara Norton is a disgrace. Melville should know better.

  3. Like it or not she is elected by her supportes and you just want to get attention by using filthy lanuage on here. I won't be reading this anymore.

  4. Really, you two would never vote for a Democrat, so why pretend.

    If Melville is going to win, he has to draw black votes away from Cash.

    So, please save the "outrage" and "fake concern" for another topic. Neither of you or others who buy into your brand of conservatism would have voted for anyone but Fleming. He'll keep you rich and happy so enjoy your victory.

  5. Who two? I want to know who's rich. . .

  6. Anon at 11:18, maybe I missed the filthy language. Please enlighten me.

  7. I wonder if they had cake in the back when it was over.

  8. You can read the filthy language said the mf word

  9. Oh okay...I got ya' Anon...had to go back and read it.

    I glanced past that "quote" from Babs. When I realized Jim was talking about something Norton said, I decided to spare myself.

    Gotcha! Thanks.

    Shame on you Jim, for quoting an elected representative!


  10. @Anon

    He'll keep you rich and happy so enjoy your victory.

    Not that any elected official could actually do that, but are you implying that "poor and sad" are better?

    I'd take rich and happy any day of the week. That's part of the reason I work every day.

    Visit the Capitalist Pig!

    @Jim - Melville has quite the entourage going on. Guess I should go say "hi" to Big Ced. :)

  11. The language is bad, but I'm only quoting her. I'm not going to sugar coat it. If anyone doesn't like it, they can take it up with her. Or with David Melville, as it doesn't seem to offend him.

  12. He is also being endorse by Hurricane Chris and the Pantz on the ground guy from american idol. HALLY BERRY HALLY BERRY HALLY BERRY HALLY BERRY.

  13. This is an insult to every law enforcement officer in the 4th District.

  14. Thank you NotLoWalker. Law enforcement officers have to put up with being cursed by criminals, and they expect that. But it's a particularly sickening slap in the face when it comes from a State Representative.

    Norton's elitist attitude is one that neither understands nor cares that the men and women in uniform she curses, willingly put their lives on the line every single day...for her.

    She needs to be held accountable.

  15. Melville showed his real colors. He will do whatever it takes to get elected, hes a disgrace and should be ashamed.

    Only thing good to come out of a democrats mouth is the words I concede.

  16. The other day, can't remember which, in the Shreveport Slmes editorial, some old heifer was lamenting the fact we needed to elect Melville over Fleming, because Melville will have the ability to reach across the aisle.
    We don't want someone reaching across the aisle to work with the opposition. That's why it's called OPPOSITION.
    If we wanted someone who would work with the other side, we would have voted for the person on the other side to begin with.
    Besides, that crap of working with people on the other side got the Republicans in trouble in the first place and pushed people like me further into being independent from political party association.

  17. You people are ridiculous. I hope you realize that very few people actually read your little blog - but keep on writing if it makes you feel important.

    You can't even get your facts straight. Norton didn't show up, neither did Big Ced or Coach Bily - so it doesn't look like any of them wanted to endorse Melville. Seems to me all the advisory said is that they had been invited. Stop trying to pretend like you have any concern for the truth.

  18. Here's what actually happened, in case anyone cares about the truth:

    Today David Melville, U.S. Congressional candidate in Louisiana’s 4th District, received endorsements from several elected officials in an event at his campaign headquarters. Those showing their support included Shreveport City Councilman Monty Walford, Bossier City Schoolboard Member Julian Darby, Bossier Parish Councilman Jeff Darby, former State Senator Syd Nelson, and former Bossier City Mayor George Dement.

    They join the list of recent officials who have endorsed Melville, including: Sen. Mary Landrieu, former Governors Kathleen Blanco and Buddy Roemer, Bossier Parish School Board Member Sam Darby, and Bossier City Councilman Jerome Darby.

    “I'm proud to have the support of so many folks from across the 4th District, especially many of our public servants,” Melville said. “Throughout the campaign, our positive message has resonated across generational, racial, and party lines. People agree that we need to fix Congress, and it's only possible by being willing to come to the table, listen, and work with all sides. I have committed to being a Congressman that works with a spirit of cooperation and focuses on getting results. I am ready to go to Washington and get started, and I appreciate everyone's support on Tuesday.”

  19. I just LOVE Anon at 7:42. Quote: You people are ridiculous. I hope you realize that very few people actually read your little blog - but keep on writing if it makes you feel important.

    Well, obviously Anon at 7:42 is one of the few that read this little blog!


    Lookit, why don't all y'all ANONS just go ahead on and identify yourselves? Seriously! I mean, just pony up and tell everybody who you are. I mean, it's easy to spew, and sound tough behind the curtain of "Anonymous."

  20. I wrote the following to Mr. Melville's contact address regarding Ms. Norton.
    "I just read Barbara Norton's endorsement of Mr. Melville was welcomed from him. If this is true, after what she did, I will have to reconsider voting for him. Please refer to:"

    I received this reply:
    I'm just the webmaster (and thus I don't speak for Mr. Melville) - however, your facts are not quite correct. What you've posted on your blog is a press "advisory" which is more or less an invitation to an event and a guess as to what will transpire at the event. I don't believe that Rep. Barbara Norton showed up for the event, and thus no endorsement was made by her. Same with several other invited elected officials - including the Mayor and Coach Montgomery. They did not show up, and in doing so, they made no endorsement.

    Here's a link to what actually happened at the event - I'm guessing you received the press release but chose to ignore it, as it doesn't fit the narrative that you had earlier laid out and the conclusion that you had already jumped to. If you have integrity or any care for the truth, you'll post a correction to your article.

    Happy blogging.

    I replied with this: It is NOT my blog but one I read frequently. So I did not jump to conclusions as you insinuated but maybe the "My Bossier" blog did so you should direct your "correction" comments to the blog writer (Mr. Wells). There is a link for comments under the story.

  21. Merciful Jesus! Does EVERYBODY post anonymously here? I mean, except for wheeler, Rex, G.R., and the blog writer, nobody wants to take any credit for what they write.

  22. Andy @ 8:05 Some folks might face "retaliation" for their comments, especially public employees working under our Mayor. Surely you can understand that. The important thing is the facts.

  23. Anonymous @ 8:12 I agree....think assistant D.A.

  24. I think some of the anonymous folks raise the best points. Like, did Norton really endorse Melville?

  25. "You can't even get your facts straight. Norton didn't show up"

    If you would look at the time on the blog post, it was put up about an hour before the event took place. The problem is that Melville INVITED Barbara Norton to the affair. No one said she showed up.
    Can you not read or comprehend?

  26. And so far as people reading my little blog, as of 10 tonight:
    Today 1,058
    This Week 5,996
    Not slouchy for a little local blog.

  27. 1,020 of those views were me waiting to see if anyone commented on this thread.

    Sorry Jim.

  28. Probably right Matt, that's about 200 more than average.

  29. I guess that is a tough decision, seeking endorsements and support from those who solicit prostitution or from those who "cuss out" law enforcement officers. Neither is proper behavior. Funny I never saw a headline from you saying "forget you John Fleming" despite him running around joined at the hip with David Vitter. That's your right, but don't pretend you'd really support someone without the "R" behind their name.

  30. I've endorsed only one person on this blog and he was a "D".

  31. I certainly do understand that some people might face retribution on their jobs by commenting openly.

    In cases like that, their comments are often valuable, as they might have information that adds to the discussion...things that us on the outside do not know.

    I'm talking about people that come on a blog, and ridicule the blog itself...calling it "pitiful," or "little."

    Jim is a big boy, and can take care of himself. He doesn't need anybody to take up for him.

    But, at the same time, I just find it small of a commenter to not man up when he's going to be critical of a post.

  32. Thanks for the support Andy, seriously.
    By the way, I mis-spoke. I have endorsed two people, not just one.
    A "D" and an Independent.

  33. My request is that Anonymous posters at least pick a pseudonym so we can address without having to go back and figure out which "Anonymous" is which. Something like "A1138" or "notlowalker" or "Matt Sciba" (Wait, no. Not like "Matt Sciba".)

  34. Good suggestion, Matt. That would be helpful for the purpose of discussion.

  35. You could do what G.R. does. He will post as G.R. until he goes into his superhero persona and comes in as Blue Anonymous. . .

  36. The Blue AnonymousNovember 3, 2010 at 7:47 PM

    I was first embarrassed that my black berry would show me as Blue Anonymous. But now I like it.
    Every superhero starts out as a reluctant participant, but circumstances beyond their control (like a weird black berry) turns them into great paragons of virtue and the defender of the weak.

    (AKA: G. R.)

    P.S. This one was typed on my laptop, so it won't show my superhero persona.

  37. Bwahahahahahaha!

    Blue Anonymous...nyuk!

    Kinda reminds me of of this.

    Maybe I'll just start posting as "The Spider." Jimbo, you can be "Sneaky Pete."

  38. Everyone's a superhero at My Bossier. I love Ray Stevens!


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