Sunday, November 21, 2010

The House that Jerry Jones built

Mike and Carrie Moore are in Dallas for their first visit to Cowboys Stadium.  Misguided Cowboys fans that they are, I hope they have a great time today.  Heck, I'll even pull for a Cowboy win for them.  This week.


  1. Cowboys are looking awful good Jim. Sure you still wanna have that bet?

  2. Today the Cowboys played the equivalent to a team you would find at Pilgrim Manor Nursing Home and Cowboy fans are going nuts over the victory.

  3. the last two games are what wall street calls a "dead cat bounce."

  4. Wheeler said "dead cat bounce."
    The Lions usually play like dead "cats", and they usually get bounced by all who play them, so I guess you're right in more than one way. LOL!

  5. Not that I would give Mike a hard time, but it was a 2-7 team beating a 2-7 team.

  6. Jim,

    It doesn't matter what the Cowboy's record is as long as it's 3-7 Thursday evening...;)


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