Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Glover Landslide

Cedric Glover won re-election tonight, carrying a much larger margin of voters than most people thought. Bryan Wooley conceded to Glover at about 9:45 or so.

I really believe that the negative tact that Wooley took, particularly concerning the dope charges from the Malone divorce interrogatories, hurt him badly. He was very ill-advised in doing this; he should have had strong campaign workers to stand up and tell him no.
In the City Council races, Jeff Everson has won the District B Council Seat. Michael Corbin has won District D. Rose Wilson McCulloch will be the new council member for District A.
David Vitter was re-elected to the Senate, and John Fleming to the House from District 4.
Jay Dardenne will move from Secretary of State to Lt. Governor.
Kay Padgett Byrd won the District 12 School Board race in Bossier with 60% of the vote.


  1. Somewhat interesting here...

    In the Oct. 2 primary, Wooley got 11,218 votes to Cedric's 16,376.

    In yesterday's voting, Cedric got over 21,000 more votes. Wooley picked up just shy of 10,000.

    I don't know what that means, but I find it interesting that 22,000 more people voted in the general than in the primary.

  2. Never underestimate the power of people when their income is threatened. Once wooley starting standing by his word to expose corruption, he was tarred and feathered by his own party--because they benefit from this more than Glover's friends ever will.
    The state party hung him out to dry. Don't think we will see any movement in Shreveport in the foreseeable future.
    You will not see a republican ever run for Mayor in the next fifty years. Wooley was the canary in the cage and he did not come back alive.

    The third largest city in the state will remain in the democrat column. I doubt any businesses will locate in a place where the goverment doesn't answer questions, the Council on Aging is corrupt, and leaders hire their unqualifed friends to run projects and crack dealers to run campaigns.

  3. Or it could be that people were "turned off" by Wooleys attacks on Glover. The fact that he lost votes between the primary and the general election might be a clue!

  4. Wooley didn't really lose votes between the primary, and the general election. He actually got 10,000 more.

    But Cedric got 21,000 more. I've been thinking about this, and I'm more than certain that MANY thousands of white folks that voted for Jones 4 years ago voted for Cedric (or more likely, against Wooley).

    His lousy campaign definitely contributed to the margin. He probably would have lost if he had done everything perfectly. But, he definitely sealed the deal in the last week, IMHO.

    HA! Word verification: slezing

  5. I don't believe in "race", as I believe that all humans are descendants of Adam and Eve. But I am of British ancestry, and not of African ancesty, and I definately voted for Glover because I was showing my disgust for the sleazy campaign tactics of Bryan Wooley. Throughout his first term, I would have never imagined that I would ever vote for Glover's reelection, but a decent person just has to take a stand against the sort of behavior that Bryan Wooley demonstrated during this campaign.

  6. Really anon? So if someone runs for Mayor and they cannot account for millions in contracts to their friends, you give them a pass. Wooley didn't sling mud, that would be calling Glover short or tall or fat or skinny. He pointed out facts. He exposed corruption. His own party turned on him because he was going to expose corruption and clean up city hall. That's why he lost. What he advertised was true.


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