Friday, November 26, 2010

Here's what irritates me

Why is it that weathermen weatherpeople have to say “Your Sunday will be cool”. It’s not ‘your’ Sunday, it’s not ‘my’ Sunday, it’s just Sunday. Do they teach you that at weatherman weatherperson school or are you all so shallow and stupid that you heard someone say it and it went viral?
Also, when we’re in a drought and there is no rain in sight, don’t make yourself look even more idiotic by getting up there and saying ‘your weekend will be perfect’. See, double whammy. It’s not ‘my’ weekend. Sunshine and no rain is not ‘perfect’ in the midst of a drought.
I won’t even rehash weather coverage during ball games.
Airport Security
Without really jumping into the argument about the nekkid scanners, I will note that our airport security is totally reactive. Israel has the best airport and airline security in the world. They do not use these scanners because they are ineffective. Do you know what they do? They actually look at people and PROFILE them (gasp!). Yep, if young Arab males are guilty of 100% of the attacks on them, and if a suspicious young Arab male appears at the airport, they pull him aside and check him out. If they aren’t satisfied, they send him on his way – just not on an El Al Plane. Could we learn from them? Heck no, we might offend someone – namely young Arab males.
Know what the U.S. does (other than the peepshow?).
Take the case of the ‘shoe bomber’, Richard Reid. There were red flags on this guy from the beginning.
1. He got his British passport in Amsterdam, not in Great Britain.
2. He bought a ONE-WAY ticket to the U.S.
3. He paid cash.
4. He had no luggage.
So what did the TSA learn from this? Make everyone take their shoes off. Little children, old ladies, everyone remove your shoes.
You know what else irritates me? That woman on ESPN announcing football games. I don’t even know her name, but she sounds like she should be on the LPGA tour, if you know what I mean.
I know I’ll catch hell for this, but is nothing sacred? It’s football women, it’s a man’s sport.
True, heard all of this within the last two months:
Woman about basketball game, “How many innings to they have?”
Woman about baseball game, “When is halftime?”
True story.
ESPN, I’m sure that your gender-confused announcers don’t want to do, say, figure skating (at least not the female ones), but please give them anything but football. If you persist, regardless of their training, they will fall into the trap of announcing a homerun in a college football game.


  1. Weatherpeople! Bah!

    Don't you LOVE it when they act personally responsible for the weather? "I've got a GREAT day for you today...sunshine all the way!" or "I'm sorry sorry but I've got rain all day for you today..." And the talking heads are all "Thanks BillyBob for that great weather today!"


  2. It slays me as to how intelligent the mental midgets in the media think they are, and I too have pet peeves when it comes to news broadcasts.

    One thing I absolutely hate is the planted questions, where the anchor will ask a question the reporter tells them to ask so they can sound super intelligent and really informed about the subject they are reporting. Or when the ask the question to get the reporter to give you another three minute on the report. JUST GIVE THE DAMNED REPORT!

    Another thing I hate is the "Teaser" to get you to stay tuned or watch their broadcast later. They act like they are the only ones reporting what happened, as if you haven't or won't hear the report from another source. It's not cute. JUST GIVE THE DAMNED REPORT!

    As are as Airport Security, I don't have hours to tell you how I feel about that, but some of what others are saying makes sense: Janet Napolitano is the same idiot who thinks we shouldn't be asking illegal aliens for proof of citizenship, and these are the same idiots that will allow child molesters our of prison on parole, yet violate the rights of law-abiding citizens.

    As far a women sports announcers, lets put it this way, I turned on a game on my car's XM radio this summer and there was a woman giving the play-by-play of a major league game, I found another game to listen to.

    Damn Jim, you got me on my soap box.

  3. Pat: Heh! Yeah, like the weatherdude/dudette/homo/whatever made it 76 & arid...Nyuk!

    I've noticed more and more lately on our local newscasts that the abundantly obvious is played up as some new revelation.

    Dunno. Maybe we truly are living in a community of morons that really do need to be informed about not holding a lit black-cat firecracker in your hand, or putting your dogs in when it's 14 degrees, or whatever retarded things that retards do not know.

    As for ESPN...I know the chick of which you speak. the core.

    Airport Security...I am just waiting for the first little old lady that gets felt up the leg...has a twitch (accidental, of course)...and catches some dude knee to nose, and lays him out in a bloody mess. It is gonna be interesting to see her in handcuffs getting hauled off for assault. Actually, I can imagine several such scenarios...and can't wait for the footage.

    G.R., do you really need a soapbox? I mean, you ain't a midget like Brian Wooley are you? Just curious...

  4. 'm a lot taller than the guy from the lollipop guild.

  5. The weatherheads on 12 " After the break" on the mornin report.I have a limited time to watch in the mornin at 5:10 cause i'm getting ready for work.I go to JGray and never miss a report.Some time they try to add DRAMA to the report.I don't have time for drama.

  6. Wow Jim, you sure are irritated. LOL. It just amazes me at how many people tell me I can't say that Muslims are the main ones causing terrorism and they say "what about all the Christian terrorist?" ????? Oh well. I hope "your week" is great. :)


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