Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Man killed in home invasion had record in Bossier Parish

Joseph “Nick” Taylor, who was killed in a home invasion in Shreveport Sunday night was a graduate of Bossier Parish drug court.
Taylor and another man entered the residence of Willie Lee Baker on Sussex Street and threatened a female and a juvenile in the home, firing shots in an effort to frighten them.
Willie Lee Baker arrived home and Taylor shot him in the leg. Baker attacked Taylor and took the gun away from him and shot him in the head. Taylor later died at LSU Hospital.
Taylor was charged with being a drug dealer in Bossier City in 2006 (distribution of cocaine and marijuana). In a plea arrangement worked out by the Bossier DA & the Indigent Defender Board, he was approved to go to drug court in June of 2006.
Taylor graduated in September of 2007 and had no further charges in Bossier Parish.
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  1. Nick was a good kid and the whole truth will be told someday.

  2. You better get your facts straight. You cannot enter Drug Court Program if you are a drug dealer. You must have drugs in your system to be eligible. I will not discuss the facts regarding this young man's acceptance into the program but I will state that he had an underlying condition which led to his use of THC. This condition causes serious involuntary tics. If legalized this drug would be first in line to help with certain neuro disorders. However, our state has not approved it as of yet for this.I'm not condoning Mr. Taylor's activities I am trying to give you info that could help prevent you from future legal actions that could be placed against you for posting incorrect info. It's one thing to state facts but it's another thing when you slander a persons character, whether deceased or alive. You might want to reconsider your wording on this one.I'm really suprised you haven't heard from the family on this. Maybe they don't read your blog.
    Concerned Party

  3. Nick wasn't that bad guy this paper is trying to make him sound. He just had a baby at that time only 2 months old and a woman he loved and I think it's sad that someone had to take someone's life. I hate gun's for that reason. RIP Nick

  4. Well it's been a year and a half since nick wS murdered. Now one of the peoe that was involved lies in a hospital bed after being shot at local barber shop. This guy recently bragged about his role in the set-up kill of nick Taylor. Even stated that nick never shot his brother Willie baker in the leg. Willie shot himself! Oh yeah, and by the way.... There was no child or woman at that house that night. Hum? It was a clear set- up over longterm rivalry. Even the police let this one slip past. This man was jumped on side walk of sussix ave and then drug in house where he was executed, according to "tre" aka Powell. They placed a grill in Taylors mouth afterwards. Also the guys accidentally grabbed nicks phone when cleaning up scene before calling 911. It took them 8 min to call 911. So the police never got taylors phone like they thought. Willie had this planned out for months says his brother. Willie and his brother, Powell both had separate charges on them in 2002 for murder and the other for shooting a girl at citgo on line ave. It will all come out in the end. These guys are known for killing. Taylor had a dismissed drug chRge. What's wrong wit this picture? Taylor came from outstanding and well known family without records, I'm told. Willie came from outstanding well known criminals for family. It's time our justice system stand up for the truth and not what the criminals have to show them as evidence. Oh yeH, did anybody mention the extra shell casin found at the scene thT didn't belong to Taylor ? How'd they miss that lil piece of info to the news ? Did the news tell that Taylor hD been beaten first shot in right lung and then behind right ear in head. Just wondered if Powell had his facts right when bragging on tha streets bout what he and his home boys and brother did to that boy. Maybe this blog can help with this one. Everybody else is too scared of them boys. Ha!

  5. You guys better look closer at this picture. The evidence was all around that place telling you something was wrong with this picture. Baker, the "so-called" victim was charged with murder in 2002 along with three other people. The man they killed was a 19 year old air force officer from Barksdale. Moton and Baker served very little time while Robinson and the other guy still sits in jail. Baker was charged with 1st degree murder in that case. I wonder how it is that he's free today and still killing. I don't care what this young man did in his life he didn't deserve to like in the manner he was killed. Willie Baker is well known on the streets for his fine line of production and trade. When will this man pay for the things he's done and continues to do? Is he a snitch? Is that why he gets off so easy? Turning state evidence can do wonders to a mans freedom. It's sad to know that there are still operations being run all over the city and these people are exempt from paying taxes on their earnings. I wonder how one would file such a tax? Wouldn't it fall under tobacco? Or maybe there is no tax on property being imported in. Don't these "trap houses" have a city code of ordinance like all other businesses. What about FDA regulations? Do they meet the guidelines? I always thought that any pharmaceutical company or supplier had to be monitored by the DEA. I also thought that the sales of firearms were kept under close watch by the ATF. I guess if it doesn't come with a serial number it's kind of hard to track. Old Uncle Sam is losing lots of money through these operation enterprises. These guys are rolling in dough and getting to keep it all! It's such a nice message to send our kids on the street. They see the bad guy go free and it looks easy to them. Next thing you know, we're having Introduction to Crime 101 right there in our front yards. No degree needed here. The point I'm trying to make is that we've got to stop allowing these criminals freedom in exchange of some information. Make a deal! Don't cut one! You are in control as long as these guys are locked up. No murder is right. It shouldn't be one less job to do when someone else does the job. These people have families that suffer a lifetime. Treat all people like you would want your loved one treated if killed. Don't treat them like they deserved what they got. Who knows....it could be someone you care about that this man takes out next. He has nothing to lose. He's beat the system twice already. This man has made some very bad choices and nothing to learn from them. Setting him free only sent him a message. He's untouchable! So he thinks. I understand that this man is very active among the communities. He has a lot of connections in the Grove, Hollywood, and Cooper Road. He claims to be a Blood Banger. I don't know much about the gangs around here other than they are for real. They aren't a joke. Stop selling news that only tell part of the story. Give it to us straight! People want to know everything you can give. I don't know what the families of murder victims do when something like this happens. I suppose they spend their time trying to live through each day. I do know that I've been told how hard it is to heal when a family has no closure. They need answers! They need to know that "Justice is for All". You can't return what they've lost but you can give them the best investigation possible, even if it turns out different from what they hoped for. Atleast you gave them the message they needed, that their loved one was still valueable. Type Willie Baker in shreveport, LA, on Google and read the headlines on Coatesuff murder. It will give you some new insight. If you choose to go further, go to MySpace and type in Lil' Flea. He's also on Facebook! MySpace URL is richrollins. Just a little info about a man that the media painted to be a hero and fine citizen.

    1. who ever the fuck you is you need toshut the fuck yp bitch. My name is Donnie baker the older brpther of Willie and just to show youyou dont know what the fuck you talking about bitch my brother aint never been no fuckin blood cooper road sixty grip for life bitch.That whiteboy got exzctly what the fuck he deserve

    2. For the record. This case is under investigation still. Not only is a private investigator handling it but Dr. Phil Show is also having it looked at. Evidence was not collected that should have been. You'll be shocked when everything comes out. Your brother, Willie is talking like a real snitch as he sits in David Wade Correctional Center. In case you're wondering.....I'm not even related to the victim or his family. I am someone looking into this case for a school paper and I have uncovered a lot of info while doing it. Internet keeps no secrets hidden if you know where to look. So Donnie, I hope you're doing well in captivity. Yes. I know your story too. Kidnapping white woman in broad daylight. You are a fool! Enjoy those bologna sandwiches and that apple. I imagine right now it sucks to be you.

  6. Free my nigga Flea, he did what he was suppose to do...


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